Thursday, April 3, 2014

Guess Who Got a New Pair of Boots??

Hold on to your boots, baby! 
Cowboy Barrett might have outgrown his last pair of boots (most frequently seen paired with shorts, during the summer months.  That's how cowboys roll at the playground.  and preschool.  and the grocery store.  and church.  Really, an all-around footwear choice.) These are brand spanking new and ready to get muddy!

Hands down, his favorite kicks~~  Versatile, apparently, goes with every outfit.  Equally suitable for stomping, jumping in puddles, and insisting that they be worn to church or any other semi-dressy event (??!?!) 
Added bonus: can easily be removed, even while buckled into your car seat, to pour out pesky sand from the sandbox into the bottom of mama's car.

I think he likes them~

Thanks, Grammy and Grandpa!

1 comment:

  1. What a handsome fella! He really makes those boots look good. And already knows his style and fashion, Gotta love that! (And might as well love it, huh . . . ?)