Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bath time babies

Maybe it is hereditary?? 
For me, there is very little in the world than can't be soothed by a long soak in the tub....
Turns out, Barrett loves getting in "the big tub" too, especially if we turn on the jets to make the bubbles really fizz up.

Charlotte isn't so sure yet -- she particularly does NOT like the jets, although I have faith that she'll come around.  It's in her genes, after all.  Both kiddos refer to "daddy's shower" and "mama's tub" in our master bathroom.  I guess they have the drill down? relaxing

And a kiss for Charlotte!  Night, night!

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  1. Love this! Haven't seen these pics before. So cute that he loves a relaxing soak! :) Precious babes .... ahhh