Thursday, December 20, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  Ah, winter germs.  Barrett had bronchitis last Wednesday thru Saturday.  Today Charlotte was diagnosed with croup.  Both children were treated with steriods.  I'm grateful the medicine makes them better quickly, but holy cow, toddler 'roid rage is killer.

2.  Between illnesses, our neighbors had a snow party!  Amazingly, despite the 70 degree weather, they had a company deliver a patch of snow to their drive way that thrilled all of our neighborhood littles.  Snowball fights, snow men, snow angels, and hot chocolate~ ~ love spending time with these friends -- makes us feel all merry and bright
After an hour or so of play + light rain, the "snow" started to melt ... but still really fun!
3.  Remember these painting pages??  It's the kind with the "paint" already on the page.  You just have to add a brush and water.
 It's a quick and easy activity that the kids love -- entertains them just long enough for me to do something fast, like fix lunch.  Plus, it helps that they don't have to share the paints, since the paints are printed at the top of each page.
Charlotte mostly likes to dip her brush in the water and swirl the wet brush on the paper.

Barrett asked me to put his name on the bottom of Woody's boot, just like "Andy" is written on the bottom of Woody's boot in Toy Story.  I'm surprised how he picks up on those details in the storyline.

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  1. i saw those paint pages the other day. glad to know they work! andrew won't be able to eat the paint...