Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Adventures of Sprinkles: Week Two

I don't want to jinx us, but I think Sprinkles' magic might be working...a hissed whispered reminder in Barrett's ear has prevented many instances of undesirable behavior.  Who-hoo!!

We are realizing the importance that Sprinkles hide in places that are out of reach for tiny hands...the kids aren't supposed to touch him, and it is way too tempting for Charlotte.  She doesn't quite get the logic of being good for Santa yet; Sprinkles just looks like a cute doll to her.  So, best if he is just out of reach. 

Here's what Sprinkles was up to this week:
Hanging out of Barrett's stocking.  I think he was measuring how many goodies will fit, so he can tell Santa.
Driving the front end loader. 
Barrett didn't really like this one, because he wanted to play with the truck.
Hanging upside down from the chandelier

Going for a reindeer ride

I guess elves drink maple syrup?

Ziplining through the keeping room.
Like we always do.

Flying around the living room,
in an arc that just happened to be immediately below the ceiling fan...

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