Monday, December 3, 2012

The Adventures of Sprinkles: Week One

Sprinkles the Elf joined our family the day after Thanksgiving, direct from the North Pole.

He brought some snow covered donuts for breakfast, but couldn't resist taking a bite of one.
See the powdered sugar on his face?

We explained to Barrett how Sprinkles was sent from Santa to check on us and would go back to the North Pole each night to tell Santa that Barrett was a good he should make sure he's always on his best behavior so Sprinkles has a good report.

Barrett hesitantly stared at him for a while...and tried to work up the courage to reach for a donut from Sprinkles' plate but then decided to wait til Kristopher handed him one. Working so far!

The other toys are making Sprinkles feel welcome.
We found him playing cards with Buzz and Woody.

Relaxing in a bubble bath.

Catching up on his reading.
Fishing for gummy fish out of the candy dish
Coloring a picture in the living room bookcases.
Barrett was tickled that he colored "B for BARRETT!!"

Sprinkles must have been thrilled that we finally brought home a Christmas tree, because we found him nestled among the ornaments the next morning.

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