Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. Barrett was an Indian in his Mothers Day Out Thanksgiving program. He drummed enthusiastically on his little coffee can and let out a loud "Hey Dada!!" in the middle of their opening number when he spotted us. At the end, Charlotte clapped for him and said "yay Bear-Witt!"
Indian Barrett, eating muffins made by his class at his school feast
2. The MetLife blimp was tethered near our house, so we went for a visit. I heard there are only three of them in the US!

We were all impressed by the humongous balloon. Plus, it has Snoopy on it.

On the first visit, the blimp man said that if we came back the next day at lunch when the winds were calm, he'd let us get in!

So, we went back but it was too windy so we didn't get to be pretend blimp pilots. It was still fun though!

3. My friend Jenny shared the joy of her little ladycake's outgrown dresses and shoes with Charlotte. It's like the hand-me-down lottery, since Jenny hand made most of Catherine's pretty clothes! Who hoo!!
Charlotte loves them and looks adorable. I'm still getting used to seeing her in bright big-girl colors and leggings. Or really, any colors other than white or pastels.

Look at those glitter shoes!

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  1. Fun stories! Charlotte IS such a big pretty girl in her big girl outfit. In fact, both kids look SO big in all these pics! How did that happen?