Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm a Big Boy!

With his third birthday around the corner, we knew it was time for two major transitions:
1.  Moving from crib to big boy bed
2.  Potty training
Barrett is THREE!
He prefers to talk in the third person.
Since it's somewhat awkward to find socially acceptable ways to truly describe the in-the-trenches experience of potty training, I'll just focus on the big boy bed instead~ ~  You're welcome.
Testing out the new mattress from Grammy and Grandpa.
It came thru the mail in a compact box, and sprang open into a big mattress when we opened it in the foyer.  Pretty neat.
Probably would have been easier to wait to open it in his room, but I was with some impatient sidekicks.
In case anyone wants my (unsolicited) opinion, I recommend letting your little one stay in his crib as long as possible.  Think this through, Toots -- once they are out of the crib, they are capable of roaming the house at all hours of the day or night, wreaking havoc at will and getting into some potentially dangerous situations.  It's kinda scary. 

Not that my little angel would ever do anything like that, but I'm just not ready to trust the emotional maturity and decision making skills of a 3 year old.  Why take chances?
first night in his big boy bed
I've heard some tall tales about toddlers who simply stay in their beds, neatly tucked into their covers as instructed, but for my own sanity and self-esteem, I choose to believe that these are urban legends viciously perpetuated to frustrate the rest of the mommies.  So, if you're like me, I advise that you ignore them and wait til the last possible moment to make this transition. 

Also, it helped my peace of mind to get a new video monitor that pans, tils, and pivots, so if I wake in the middle of the night and don't see him in his bed, I can pan around the room with the camera to find him inevitably asleep on the floor with Buzz Lightyear before I dash down the hall in a panic to rescue him from certain doom.
the key to a good night's sleep

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  1. Must be pretty cool, Barrett, getting to sleep in a Big Boy Bed AND sleeping on airplanes, and tractors and firetrucks! You're so big!

    (Don't worry, Charlotte, you'll get your own Big Girl Bed when you are a little bigger.)