Monday, November 12, 2012

For the Record

Another installment of stats and recent happenings for the baby book~
The kiddos manned a shuttle launch.
Just kidding. 
This was a toy space ship at the science museum.
Bet I had you going there, huh...?
Barrett is still trucking along in the 50th percentile for weight and the 95th for height. 
Frog says RIBBIT!
He is really into cowboys right now (specifically Woody, the cowboy from Toy Story) and into Buzz Lightyear too.  He loves going to Mother's Day Out and consistently talks about the same friends from school.  Luckily, his favorite little friend lives in our neighborhood, so we get to see him outside of school a lot too! 

He recently introduced Kristopher to the other kiddos at the park as "my friend, Dada." 
As in: "Hi, my name's Barrett.  This is my friend, Dada."

"Reach for the sky!!"
"There's a snake in my boot!"
After Woody phrases, his favorite catchphrase is "Hey, what's the big idea?!" from Donald Duck

Barrett and Charlotte are really starting to play together more, which is so much fun for me because (1) I think it is so cute when they play sweetly together; and (2) it is slightly easier to keep them out of trouble when they are occupying each other.  He pronounces her name as "Char-what."

Charlotte is built similarly to Barrett; she's in the 50th percentile for weight and 75th for height.  Her hair has a reddish tint in the sunlight, but is more brown than Barrett's. 

Everyone says she looks just like my mama, which is a big compliment :)
Opening a care package from Grammy and Grandpa
Thanks for the goodies!
Her very favorite movie is Lion King; according to Charlotte, all animals say "ROAR" like a lion.  She pronounces Barrett's name as "Bear-whit."  She cries for him every single time we drop him off for Mother's Day Out.

She is very shy and bashful in new situations and around new people (new nursery lady at bible study, birthday party around kiddos she doesn't know well, or GASP! a new babysitter), but usually warms up after a few minutes.

With Baboo, her very favorite bunny in the whole world
I had a big volunteer shift for Junior League a few weeks ago and had the hardest time finding a daytime babysitter who could watch the kiddos for such a long stretch.  We ended up using a new sitter for the first time and Charlotte reacted to the new girl by running to her room and closing the door. :( When I went in to find her, she was peeking around the corner of her dollhouse, but then covered her eyes to hide as soon as she saw the new sitter over my shoulder.  Poor thing!  Meanwhile, Barrett was giving the new sitter a house tour (he loves to show people "Barrett's big boy bed," "mama's bath tub" and "dada's shower." 

The firemen didn't answer the doorbell at the firehouse, so we helped ourselves to the firetruck in the driveway...

Like most little girls, Charlotte likes to twirl (spin around and around with her hands in the air) and dance (stand still and bounce up and down) and all of this is even more fun lately with the awesome Christmas music dance tunes.  She'll sweetly give you a hug or kiss every time you ask :)
While Barrett tries to get up and down to play during mealtime, Charlotte likes to sit at the dining table like a big girl.  She's great at throwing her dishes in the sink after meal or snack (which is helpful...but also dangerously emphatic, when she pitches her melamine plate in a sink with glasses)

She loves to rock in the baby rocker

It's a new adventure every day -- sure, sometimes it is crazy, but there's nothing else in the world I'd rather be doing~

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  1. Not much more to say about these sweet babies, except ahhhh . . what precious children.