Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Family Photo Outtakes

Since we've had kids, we try to get a family picture on the beach each year.
"Oh look!!!  An airplane!  Or seagull!  Or maybe just the wind blowing!"
Key word: TRY
2.5 out of 4 looking at camera...getting better
It's not usually successful.

Someone usually gets pushed face-foward into the sand in a fit of frustration (I'm not going to name any names...)

I'm outta here!

It's hard enough to get a picture of a single toddler, let alone two PLUS pleasant-expressioned parents who are nonchalantly holding squirmy babes, distracted by the sand and seagulls.
Barrett and Kristopher's airplane picture = success!

Charlotte and me ... = FAIL
Not quite the same
Her little foot got caught up in my shirt.
It's always worth the carefully orchestrated effort, though (everyone clean, fed, dressed, and well-rested at the same time)

She's wigglesome and I'm about to drop her!!  I'm about to DROP her!
Hurry and take the picture ~ she's climbing me and I'm about to lose her!

Even if we don't have a picture-perfect pose, we have some pretty funny memories~

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  1. This is even funnier looking back at these pics and your narrative. And even funnier than last year, even with the face in the sand moment . . . heehee