Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Around and Around

We heart the carousel.  I don't make it to the mall very often, but when we go, I usually buy a set of tokens and let Barrett have several rides. 

 It makes my sweet little buttercup pretty nervous though.  Although she is unfazed by being run over by a tonka truck, and willing to shake off the occastional tumble without much fanfare, she is ironically shy when it comes to new things and new people.  Very, very shy.

Not so sure about this...

It helped letting them ride on the same horse, so she felt more secure.  Even though the operator gave me the stink eye and a brief lecture about the propriety of buckling two children into one seatbelt. 
"See Char-what?  It's FUN!  Yaaahoo!"

1 comment:

  1. It IS fun! I checked out our carousel the other day when I was shopping and all the rides are reindeer, for Christmas!
    Barrett can take Char-wotte on lots of rides (token card . . already bought!)