Friday, June 15, 2012


Well, guess what?
I sewed my first zippers!

Jenny and I had a sewing playdate where the kids played while we sewed at the kitchen table.  She taught me how to make these fun zippered bags. 

You can make them in any size and they have a million uses: store a zillion match box cars, toiletries, make up, snacks, overnight bags, school supplies, etc.  Anything.

I decided to make them waterproof, so I could use them for snacks, sippy cups, wet bathing suits, etc.  Just seemed practical.  Eventually, everything in our life gets sticky.

So, they are lined in a lemon yellow, with clear vinyl on top.  Charlotte's is lined in a shiny rose satin, with vinyl. 
 See how Jenny taught me to box the corners??  Now, they are wider at the bottom than the top.

I made a blue and yellow one for myself too, but without the vinyl.  It was much easier to sew just the fabric (instead of the stiff vinyl too) but it doesn't stand up on its own or have as much body.  And, of course, its not waterproof. 
I'll probably use it for a dirty clothes bag in my suitcase or maybe to keep stuff corralled in the car.  I just love these!


  1. I'm so jealous of your play/sew dates. Next time, let me know and I'll take off! I'm glad you found zippers easy. That's my next task to learn. Did you monogram the bags before or after sewing them? I still haven't tried to monogram on my machine yet!

  2. Beautiful!! The bright blue/white/lemon yellow are so sharp and Charlotte's are so pretty and girly - and you will really use these! Anybody would!