Thursday, June 14, 2012

Three Things Thursday

In blatant plagiarism from my friend, Camille, I'm adopting her Three Things Thursday posts to help jump-start ideas and keep up with more consistent blogging.  Here goes.

1.  We recently went to Seaside, Florida for our fifth anniversary.  Just us. 
It was our first time to take a trip away from the kids and it was an exhilarating mix of freedom and longing.  We missed the kids SOOO much but had a great time on our own too, of course. 

We sat by the pool, took a yoga class together, got massages, read books, ate lazy meals in restauraunts with tablecloths, lay on the beach, finished entire conversations, relaxing :)

The kids were thrilled to see us when we got back, and (even more?) thrilled about the giant inflatable turtle we brought them for the pool.
2.  When we got home, we decided on paint our master bedroom on our actual anniversary day.  Funny what we consider to be romantic quality time together, isn't it?  We love the new color.  Much lighter and brighter.

3.  We went to the beach with some sweet friends and their two kiddos, who are friends with Barrett and Charlotte.  We had a blast!! 

The kids constantly entertained each other, which allowed us to have unexpected grown up time (did you know you can eat an entire meal with other adults in one sitting???  You can!!  People do this!)

There is something strangely relaxing about going on vacation with another couple who have kids the sames ages, because (hypothetically...) if things go south and you suddenly have to leave the restaurant/splash park/playground/earth when your precious toddler dissolves into a squirming screaming mess because you won't let him play in traffic, the other parents totally get it. 
They've been there.  No judgment.  Sigh.  Isn't that nice?
Playing cornhole after dinner
We hadn't taken the kids to the beach in almost a year. 
Turns out, Charlotte loves the waves and sand.  She wants to sit directly on the sand at the water's edge so the waves crash into her little lap and she can dig her baby fingers into the sand all around her. 
Barrett prefers to escape down the beach to investigate kayaks or to the pool. 
Well, hello, Mr. Pirate
In an interesting twist, the sleeping arrangements worked out so that the best place for Barrett to sleep was ...(drum roll)... in our bed.  Maybe we're hard-nosed, but we've never had a child sleep in the bed with us.  Ever.  There were a few trials and tribulations:
((us tiptoeing into bed))
Barrett:  Hey mama!!!  Hey dada!!!  How're you doin'??  Wanna go to beach?
Me/Kristopher: It's bedtime, buddy.  Time to sleep.
Barrett: Kachow!!! (executes impressive belly flop into pillows)
this continues until we have to start threatening him to sleep.  It finally worked, and he slept all through the night all three nights.  And, I have to admit, those were some pretty sweet cuddles.
Thankfully, he returned to his crib at home without incident. 
We had a wonderful time~

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  1. Well, Hello Lucky . . on getting B back into his bed at home! (You only get to sleep with mama & daddy when we're on vacation, buddy!) It worked!

    Sure would like to see pics of C on the sand at the water's edge . . :)

    And remember, parents don't have to be on their anniversary vacation to leave kiddos with grammy & grandpa!