Wednesday, June 13, 2012

For the Record

It's been forever! 
So, I thought I'd jump back in with an update on the kiddos, and for my own record-keeping purposes so I can remember what they were up to at these ages~

Charlotte's favorite hobbies include: rolling around in fresh-from-the-dryer warm laundry, playing in the dishwasher, pushing her baby doll stroller, and reading books.
It still reads just as well upside down
Her very favorite book is All of Baby, Nose to Toes, followed by Brown Bear.  She can repeat most of the words to All of Baby and pat to the corresponding body part.  Although she seems to like that book best, she starts saying "brown bear, brown bear" every time she opens any book.  As if every other book in the world is Brown Bear.

Her favorite sleepy-time song is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star; favorite playtime/diaper change song is Wheels on the Bus.  I don't know how these became her favorites, but they settle her down if she is fussy, so I just go with it.

Her hair is growing and is still very straight, but starting to flip out a little at the bottom.  Her signature hairstyle is a ponytail on top with a bow, a la Pebbles Flintstone.  Mostly because that's the only way she'll leave the bow alone.

At the playground in Sandestin

She is super-duper attached to her little white bunny (originally named Jellybean, now named Baboo -- Charlotte's pronunciation of "baby").  We can't leave the house without Baboo. 
All buckled in
Baboo is pretty well-traveled.  It is starting to make me nervous...I mean, things happen.  How is she going to react if/when Baboo is misplaced??  And she is already starting to look a little raggedy from the umpteen trips through the washer.  I've started buying some back-up bunnies (white bunnies with pink ribbons, similar size) but she isn't fooled.  Not. The. Same. 

She has a preference for bunnies in general, but none will take the place of Baboo.  Everyone cross your fingers that Baboo remains in good health and safe keeping.  Forever.

Barrett is growing up, most notably in his speech.  I'm constantly surprised that I can carry on a two-sided conversation with him ~ when did this happen?? He definitely has favorite phrases, like:
::  Ready, set, go!!!!
::  Here I come!
::  Hey Charlotte.  Whacha doin?
::  I'm a good boy! (usually said after having done something I told him NOT to do)
::  Excuse me! (usually screamed when pushing his dump truck through groups of people)
::  Kachow!!  (quoting Lightning McQueen; excellent conversation-starter, used frequently when meeting new friends....or random people at the grocery store)
::  Hey buddy, need a tow? (quoting Tow Mater) 
before recent haircut -- all red curls
Which leads me to his favorite hobbies: CARS! and all things to do with cars (the movie, the characters, just regular cars/trucks/tractors/trains), riding equipment at Kristopher's job sites whenever possible (a golf cart will do in a pinch), swimming, running around at the park, and playing with "friends" (aka, any other children).
After his haircut.  Big boy!
His favorite sleepy-time song is Jesus Loves Me; playtime favorite is Old MacDonald; diaper change favorite is The Farmer in the Dell.
"The Barrett"
School art show masterpiece
Can you spot the extra-adorable thumb print puppy??
His Mother's Day Out program ended for the summer and he misses his sweet teacher so much!  Everytime we drive past his school, he hopefully asks "How 'bout go see Mrs. Fryday?"
We miss you!
He started swim lessons last week and is learning to kick "really fast, Mama!!!  Like a boat!!!"  Apparently, boats kick really fast?  Hm.  He's having fun, although he predictibly hates it when the teacher lets him go to swim on his own and he struggles to keep his head above water. 
C'est la vie, buddy.  Might as well learn that now.
He is so proud of himself when he comes up, sputtering.  And we're really proud too~~

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  1. What a great update! Wow - worth the wait. Loved the commentary but I can't pick a favorite photo. Hm. Silhouette of C overlooking the beach? B at our neighborhood park? C pointing into upside-down book? Wait, is she standing ON the open dishwasher door? No . . . it has to be the last pic. Definitely! Ahhh . .