Friday, June 22, 2012

Duck, Duck, (Silly) Goose

We love to go feed the ducks at our nearby lake. 
We even have a dedicated basket in the pantry for "duck bread" (aka, the stale ends...sorry, ducks.)

  Barrett mostly does a lot of running around, specifically into little groups of ducks that wander up on the bank when they see our delicious stale bread.
Hi, ducks!!  Here I come!!  Wheeeeee!
In semi-related news, Barrett has started calling me a "silly goose" when I'm doing something he wants me to stop.  In contrast, when I ask HIM to stop doing something (ie, putting his toys in the bottom oven, insisting on wearing his bike helmet during dinner, etc) he says "I'm a silly goose!" as if that explains/excuses everything. 
((me tickling him/wrestling him into his shoes/chasing him around with to brush his hair))
Barrett: (laughing, shrieking) Stop it, mama!! 
Me: Hold still, buddy.  Almost done!
(resume whatever I was doing)
Barrett: Stop it, mama!  Stop it, I say!!  You silly goose!
First of all, where in the world did he hear that??   Who says "stop it, I say??"
Oh right, when Aunt Sarah scolds the dogs in Lady and the Tramp...mental note to more closely monitor exposure of EVERYTHING to this little sponge.  Anyway, back to the ducks...

Charlotte interchangeably calls them "duck duck" or "quack quack."  She is really into mimicking animals sounds right now, and sometimes calls the animal by the sound it makes, instead of its actual name.

I'll take either one.  So will the ducks, as long as I'm nearby doling out the bread crumbs.

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  1. You are such a silly goose :) Sweet Barrett! He's so precious and Charlotte looks so happy feeding the ducks. What a fun summer outing!