Monday, June 25, 2012


I have to hand it to the folks who make Brother embroidery machines.  Over and over, I figure out new fangled things that the machine can do!
My very first machine applique. 
It works like magic.

My latest -- a rocket ship!
Of course, it has always been able to do these things.  It was just, ahemI had no earthly idea what I was doing and was completely unqualified to do it a steep learning curve.
This has happened to me before.  And I hope it keeps happening, because it is so fun to discover a new trick like this!
Regardless, I can't get enough of these machine appliques.  I'm whipping them up for Barrett like crazy, with matching shorts. 
Matching orange gingham shorts not pictured.
I haven't made any for Charlotte yet, because I'm still satisfied with her smocked dresses -- boys have much fewer cute apparel options, unless of course, they are auditioning for a rock band.
Skull and cross bones, softened by an argyle print.  Uh huh.
I am disturbed.

Blue plaid whale. 
Much cuter than rocker-baby, right??


  1. I would like to request a lesson please. I bet I could learn better from you than any store. Please?