Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pillowcase Dresses

Y'all may remember that my friend, Jenny, has an awesome sewing blog featuring items for women, children and the home.  Although she is very modest and won't tell you herself, Jenny is a real life designer and her patterns are available internationally (yes, you read that right) AND she just started selling dresses in a local boutique! 
Well, guess what? 
She made the sweetest dress for Charlotte and asked her to be a model for the design! 
*fun fun, fun*
So, you can see Charlotte and Jenny's sweet Miss Catherine swinging and holding hands on the Classic Pillowcase dress pattern :)
I recommend that you start following Jenny's blog ASAP so you can say "you knew her back when" before she becomes an internationally famous superstar. 
 But, I just want to get on record now that I've already put in a request to accompany her to Paris Fashion Week, should the need ever arise.  Sorry, you missed out.  I held a vote, and I won.  Unanimously.  That's the perk of being a professional hand model (see below).

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  1. Oh my gosh I'm cracking up!! You are hilarious!! And of course you would come with me to Paris - as if I would leave you back in BR! :)
    Baby Charlotte is the perfect model with her sweet rosy cheeks and beautiful face! I'm so glad Catherine and Charlotte are friends. :)