Sunday, March 4, 2012

One Fish, Two Fish...

We have a small fish pond in our backyard.  Barrett ~loves~ to look for the fish swimming around, although they usually hide under a lilypad when they see us coming. 

I'm sure that doesn't have anything to do with Barrett's penchant to "stir" the pond with giant palm

We didn't immediately notice the fish when we moved into the house...we thought it was just a pond.  We didn't even feed the fish for a looooong time, so I guess they just lived on lilypads.  Anyway, we decided it was time to add to our fish family and start taking better care of them.
Top row, L to R: Walyon, Lady
Bottom row, L to R: Fryday, Cupcake
We got four fish and decided that each family member would name one.  We have Fryday, Waylon, Lady and Cupcake.  Can you guess who named each one??  If you guess right, you get a GOLD STAR.  Major incentive :)

Welcome to your new home, fishies!
Now that we feed them real fish food, they aren't as shy -- they will usually swim to the surface when we walk up to the pond.  Barrett loves to be able to see them better~
Releasing the fish into the pond

Unfortunately, we already had a casualty.  :(
RIP Waylon.
We give you a three flush salute, buddy.

The other fishies are growing fast, especially Fryday.  We haven't seen Lady at all, but she blends in to her surroundings since she is that dark silver color.  There have been several Cupcake spottings, so we know she is doing well too.

In other fish-y news, Barrett loves his new magnetic fishing pole.  When we were all sick and I was desperate for easy indoor activities, we decided to fill up the bath tub, drop in some blue Crayola bath tablets, and waste away the afternoon fishing.  This was a big hit.

Charlotte wasn't quite ready for a rod and reel, but she did enjoy the extra baths :) she takes after me that way~~
Caught a red fish!!

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