Friday, March 9, 2012

For the Record

Sheesh.  It's been so long since I've done one of these milestone-type posts -- it feels like the bambinos have grown so much and are doing a whole new set of things!  I'll try to remember the highlights, because goodness knows I'm less likely to remember these priceless daily details later~~
Barrett talks mostly in full sentences ~ it's unnerving sometimes because I still consider him a "baby!"  He really seems to understand logic and is capable of following simple directions (although he may not actually chose to listen to me...) 
He can count to 20!
Kristopher recently taught him to toss/catch a big volleyball.

When he's really happy and excited, he "dances" by running around in a tight little circle while singing and then flopping onto his tummy on the ground and giggling.
He likes to pretend he's asleep.  He curls up on his belly and makes these big fake snoring noises (where did he learn that??  Goofy?)...when he sees me coming, he starts to peek through his eyelashes and giggle, but continues on with the loud fake snoring ((deep breath in, puff of air + whistle exhale)) Seriously.  Where did he learn that?!?!  Sometimes Charlotte and I make a big deal about "being quiet so we don't wake Barrett" but we almost always end up with a surprise tickle attack.  Love my silly boy.
Yum!  Cupcakes at Miss Addie's birthday party
People are always surprised to learn that he is 2y. 
The most common comments from strangers/acquaintences are:
1.  "Look at that red hair!!"; and
2.  "He's so tall for his age!  He's only 2??"

Reading books together
Favorites: he LOVES to be outside, LOVES his teacher, Mrs. Fryday, and LOVES anything to do with cars and trucks.  He is especially into the Cars movie right now.  He likes to scoot a chair up to the kitchen sink, climb up, and play in the water with bowls and measuring cups. 
He always greets our fish in the pond through the window, and we must tell them goodbye before we leave the house.  I think his all-time favorite thing is riding on the "tractor" and Granny and Grandaddy's house in Mississippi.
He weighs about 30lbs and is in the 95th percentile or so for height.  I need to look up how many inches exactly...Charlotte weights 20lbs and is also in the 95th percentile for height. Again, I don't remember the number of inches...

Charlotte is like a little parrot and will mimic most words.  She consistently says: hi, bye bye, mama, dada, uh oh, night night (nye nye), tickle tickle, all done, and something that sounds like "love you" and "jellybean."  Precious girl.  The other day, she even repeated Kristopher when he said "see the puppy?"  Her first sentence!

She can identify eyes on most of her stuffed animals and on the animals/people in her books.

She is very attached to Jellybean, a little white bunny that Micah's parents gave her when she was born.  (bunny wears a pink ribbon around her neck with jellybeans on it.  hence her name.  we are super-original.)
Charlotte and Jellybean
She took her first steps behind a push-walker on her first birthday, but has been a little inconsistent since then.  We were making real progress, but had a set back when she got sick. She just would sit down on her bottom and refuse to walk. That tendency went on for a few weeks -- maybe she lost confidence?
First steps on her own!  It helps your concentration to sick out your tongue...
Now, we are back on track though.  She does best when she has me behind her holding her hands, and someone else in front of her cheering her on.  She took about 20 (assisted) steps towards Jenny at the park on Monday!  When she was finished, John Patrick (3), gave her a hug, picked a clover flower, and said "Here, baby Charlotte.  This is for you."  Melts my heart.
Curled up with her big bunny and ballerina from Mrs. Katie
The most common comments from strangers/acquaintences/(and my friends...because they know I love it):
1.  "She looks just like a baby doll!"
2.  "She is so pretty in her little smocked dress!  You just don't see those as much anymore."  (really??  when did babies stop wearing smocked clothes?  if they ever did, we are single-handedly making a large contribution to bringing them back)
Big girl with her big satin bow!
Favorites: She is very social and loves when you speak directly to her.  She likes the playground swings, Baby Einstein CDs, and meeting new people.  She is a very good little eater and isn't very picky.  I think she eats more than Barrett at each meal.  She is in a growing stage :)  AND she has mastered the sippy cup for juice and sometimes milk.  Growing up too fast~ ~

Monday, March 5, 2012

Family Portraits

For the first time EV-AH we had our family portraits done by a professional photographer~ ~

Getting both kiddos to sit still and look at the camera at the same time is kind of like keeping puppies in a basket -- as soon as you get one all set, the other one sees something shiny and runs off.  But, she did capture us just playing together.

Here's a few of my favorites:

Tractor Playground

Everyone knows it's true. 
No matter how much you spend on a toy, half the time the child is more interested in the cardboard box packaging.  Don't get me wrong, Barrett does love flashing lights on fire engines and sound effects on tractors, but sometime it is the little things that keep them capitvated for hours. 

For us, that little thing is our new "tractor playground."

Yep.  That's dried lentil beans you see as the dirt.  I just opened the bag of beans, dumped it in the bottom of a big flat tupperware, and added a few small trucks that Santa brought in Barrett's stocking.  Voila.

He will sit quietly and play with it for hours

He scoops up the little beans with the excavator, loads them in the dump truck, and then flattens it all back out with the steam roller.  Hours of fun, no exaggeration.

Although, I will admit that it is a double-edged sword.  The first night we unveiled tractor playground, he got so upset when it was time to go to bed and part with beloved tractor playground until morning.  Before either of us could stop him, he ran into his room and poured tractor playground into his crib, presumably so he could continue playing. 
Yeah, that wasn't a mess at all. 
Dried lentil beans everywhere.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

One Fish, Two Fish...

We have a small fish pond in our backyard.  Barrett ~loves~ to look for the fish swimming around, although they usually hide under a lilypad when they see us coming. 

I'm sure that doesn't have anything to do with Barrett's penchant to "stir" the pond with giant palm

We didn't immediately notice the fish when we moved into the house...we thought it was just a pond.  We didn't even feed the fish for a looooong time, so I guess they just lived on lilypads.  Anyway, we decided it was time to add to our fish family and start taking better care of them.
Top row, L to R: Walyon, Lady
Bottom row, L to R: Fryday, Cupcake
We got four fish and decided that each family member would name one.  We have Fryday, Waylon, Lady and Cupcake.  Can you guess who named each one??  If you guess right, you get a GOLD STAR.  Major incentive :)

Welcome to your new home, fishies!
Now that we feed them real fish food, they aren't as shy -- they will usually swim to the surface when we walk up to the pond.  Barrett loves to be able to see them better~
Releasing the fish into the pond

Unfortunately, we already had a casualty.  :(
RIP Waylon.
We give you a three flush salute, buddy.

The other fishies are growing fast, especially Fryday.  We haven't seen Lady at all, but she blends in to her surroundings since she is that dark silver color.  There have been several Cupcake spottings, so we know she is doing well too.

In other fish-y news, Barrett loves his new magnetic fishing pole.  When we were all sick and I was desperate for easy indoor activities, we decided to fill up the bath tub, drop in some blue Crayola bath tablets, and waste away the afternoon fishing.  This was a big hit.

Charlotte wasn't quite ready for a rod and reel, but she did enjoy the extra baths :) she takes after me that way~~
Caught a red fish!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Back in Business

Maybe you noticed that I hadn't blogged in a while??  (if you didn't notice the lapse, please just smile and nod politely and we'll just move right along...)

Well, after we all finally got well again, my computer died.  Ho hum.  I guess it didn't want to be left out of our household health crisis. 

Normally, it wouldn't be such a big deal.  I have all of my pictures and videos backed up on my iPad.  And all of our important legal documents, etc are backed up too.  BUT....I had just done a ton of work for the Pediatric Cardiology Foundation silent auction (let me know if  you have an item to donate!!!) and I lost it all.  My whole spreadsheet with all the details of each auction items, plus my meticulously formatted bid sheets and display cards.

Sooooo very sad. 

However, the computer has been restored and all is well once again.  For now, at least.  I will try to catch up on posts.  Everyone cross your fingers that we can all stay well!  And cross your toes too.  And maybe your eyes, just for good measure.  Ha.  :)