Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh Toodles!

Aside from all puppy-related Disney moves (Fox and the Hound, 101 Dalmatians, and Lady and the Tramp), Barrett's favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse tv show photo
I think it is a pretty cute show, plus they teach good lessons like colors, shapes, counting, and being nice to your friends.  And, I'm just relieved to have a break from Blue's Clues.
Sorry,'s been a good run, but I can only hear The Mail Song so many times before my head explodes.
Anyway, the premise of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is to interact with the preschool viewer to encourage problem solving.  Every episode, the Clubhouse friends have 3-4 different tools to help them along the way.  When they get in a pickle, they can summon the tools by exclaiming "Oh Toodles!"

Apparently, Barrett was paying close attention.
Now, anytime he doesn't get his way, he calls for Toodles to come rescue him. 

For example:
 1.  At the grocery store
{Trying to put Barrett into the shopping cart, when he would rather run around the parking lot and generally play in traffic}
Me: (persuading) C'mon Barrett.  Time to sit in the shopping cart like a big boy.
Barrett: No, mama!  Down!  Please, mama??  Down!
Me: Sorry, buddy.  You have to sit in the cart while we get groceries.
(gently force him into cart...)
Barrett: (struggling against me) No, mama!  Down!!  Oh, Toodles!!  OH, TOODLES!!
{lots of stares from fellow grocery patrons, to which I am now accustomed, and thankfully immune}

Our wonderful pediatrician
 2.  At dinner time
Me: Alright, Barrett.  Time for supper! 
Barrett: Fruit snacks!!
Me: No, not time for snacks.  Eat your pork and veggies.  It's delicious!
Barrett: (negotiating) How about...fruit snacks?  Snack bar?  Special juice??  (that's what he calls Capri Sun)
Me: Sorry, buddy.  You've got to eat your dinner.
Barrett: No!  Fruit!  Oh, Toodles!!!
3.  During play time
Me:  (discovering inevitable shenanigans) No, Barrett!!  No, sir!!!  You can't stand on the furniture/climb in the dishwasher/pull your sister around by her arms!!
Barrett: (instantly freezes, considers his options, and runs in the opposite direction guessed it...)  OH, TOODLES!!!

Seriously, Barrett, what is Toodles going to do to save you?  Do you think Toodles is going to let you sit in the dishwasher?  Because I don't think Mickey would tolerate that kind of foolish behavior.  He's always getting onto Donald for being a bad sport too, so you probably won't get very far with him if you keep up the bad attitude.

Part of me is concerned that Toodles is teaching him to rely on a quick fix to an undesirable situation, but the other part of me thinks it is so funny, I just can't help but laugh~


  1. This is a hoot! (Can you hear me laughing?)

    What really amazes me - at his age, Barrett not only gets the point of the storyline when he watches Mickey, but he applies it to his own situations! Smart little boy!!