Monday, January 23, 2012

It Must be Hereditary

Guess where Charlotte loves to play?
In mama's jewlery!
And guess WHAT she loves to play with when she's getting into my jewelry??
It's just too much -- I love it! 
And I would never joke about something as serious as pearls~  I swear, every time she gets the chance, she opens up the doors to the jewelry armoire and goes straight for the pearls.  Her favorite is a strand of pearl Mardi Gras beads from a few years back, but she still has time to develop a preference for the good stuff :)

"I wonder what is in this drawer??"
I know I should discourage her from getting into things like this, but part of me is just so *proud* of her budding taste that I hate to stifle her sense of style ~ ~ ~


  1. Too cute ~ she sure is like her Mama! Now that she has TWO strands of pearls, with the beautiful pink ones she got for her birthday, she is learning to appreciate the "good stuff," but I'm still glad she enjoys the fun stuff too! heehee