Thursday, January 5, 2012

From My Front Porch Looking In

When Hollywood comes knocking, do you answer the door??
In my case, apparently not.
You can't say I didn't learn my lesson from Officer McToughGuy about answering the door for strangers.
Let me back up a little...a few weeks before Christmas, a location scout knocked on our door and said that the director of a Fox TV show wanted to use our house to shoot an episode. And was it ok if he came inside to take pictures of the interior to email to the director?
Doesn't this sound like a set up??
Like maybe he wants to "case the joint" by taking pictures of all our stuff and then coming back later to rob us??  We live in a safe neighborhood with video cameras, but still....sounds suspicious.
Well, I'm nobody's fool (okay, fine, maybe I'm a few people's fool, but not this guy's) so I politely declined and he left his card in case I changed my mind.
I'd heard that the show taped at a neighbor's house a few weeks ago, so I looked her up in my handy directory and she gave me the whole scoop -- the guy was legit, the crew was nice, no one messed up her house during filming, and they paid her handsomly.  Plus, it was fun to be caught up in the movie business!
Cell phone pic taken from my car of all the movie people on our street
I checked with Kristopher to see what he thought and then called the guy back so he could come take the pictures he needed.  A few hours later, a big Mercedes bus pulled up in front of our house and about a dozen directors and producers got out to tour our house.  (So cool!!)
They ended up picking our house for a short shot in the foyer, front porch, and front yard. 
Because they shot at night, they set up a big light screen and had a spotlight on a crane tosimulate moonlight. 
I was amazed how much trouble goes into such a quick scene!
The only inconvenience was that they had to move our Christmas tree from one corner of the living room to another so it wouldn't be in the shot.  There were no ornament casualties, but our tree died of dehydration because we didn't water it for a few days before they moved it to minimize splashing.  Oops.  After the shoot, they offered to pay to have a cleaning service come clean the house. 

"Well, if you insist, I suppose I could let someone else clean my house and let someone else pay for it...."

This is Domenick Lombardozzi, one of the stars in the shoot.  He plays a US Marshall.

This is Serinda Swan, another star from the show.  She was really  nice and shy. 
We didn't get a picture with her, but Kristopher conveniently had her headshot saved on his phone.  Um hmm. 
So, long story short, our foyer and front porch will be famous!!  Watch Breakout Kings this spring on Fox to see our house for about 90 seconds. Thrilling, huh?  It was a fun experience. 

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  1. How in the world is it that everything exciting and interesting happens to you?? This must have been so cool!
    Nothing like this ever happens to us!
    Ho Hum . . .