Friday, January 20, 2012

Cover Girl

Jenny from Seamingly Smitten invited Charlotte to be a model for her children's designs~~
 What a pretty little buttercup!
Jenny arranged for a professional photographer to take pictures of Charlotte in adorable Seamingly Smitten outfits, along with several other children. 
It was so much fun!
For some reason, Charlotte decided to stick her tongue out halfway through the shoot. 
From this point on, she thought it was so funny to stick out her little tongue in every picture.
Stay tuned on Jenny's blog to watch for her new sewing patterns, and keep your eyes peeled for baby Charlotte!


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL buttercup! And a cute outfit, too! :) These are wonderful pictures!!!

  2. Silly Girl!! Switching from serious baby model to I-just-can't-help-it-I've-got-to-stick-my-tongue-out . . .