Saturday, December 17, 2011

Monogrammed Christmas Ornaments

Guess what??  Jenny from Seamingly Smitten asked me to do a tutorial on her blog for her Sew Crafty Christmas feature!!  After I recovered from shock, I started thinking about what to post...

Jenny makes the most adorable sewing patterns that are easy enough to whip up during naptime.  Remember Charlotte's fur swing coat??
Took about 30m. 
It was so easy, I made one in all white too, during the same naptime
I think she likes it :)
And she wears them all the time!
AND, she just re-worked this pattern for women, so you can make one for yourself too!  (Kelly, I'm looking at you....)  In fact, her women's ruffled collared cape pattern just hit NUMBER ONE on!  Yay Jenny!

Seriously, Jenny has the cutest ideas that are so approachable, even to a beginning sewer.  So, what could I possibly do for a blog post?  I was worried about looking like a fool with my beginner ideas...

Although I almost did a post about Barrett's train fort (coming soon...), I finally settled on monogrammed Christmas ornaments.  Personal and festive, right?  And you can use whatever leftover fabric scraps you have on hand.

Extra toile fabric from Charlotte's nursery made the perfect ornament for my Little Miss
Although I kind of stick out like a sore thumb as a newbie among sewing experts, it was still fun and a great way to get my creative juices flowing.

See my post here and be sure to check out her blog and sewing patterns while you're there!


  1. Charlotte is so adorable and HAPPY in these pictures! I LOVE your monogrammed ornaments! Next year I will have to make some so even if the kids pull all of them down at least they won't break! Thank you for your sweet words!!!

  2. I love all your monogrammed ornaments too, and really enjoyed seeing the cute, cute ruffled cape on Jenny's blog - hey, it's pretty fun being Number 1!!

    Charlotte, be sure to bring your swing coats when you come visit - it's cold here!

  3. I am ALL OVER that swing coat. Thanks!!