Sunday, December 11, 2011

For the Record

Whew!  So much has been going on lately, that I better get this all out now, because I know I won't remember it all by the time I get around to putting it in the baby books...
Here's what the kiddos have been up to lately~ aside from pulling ornaments off the tree and taking bows off presents:
Charlotte said "Mama!"  Warms my heart so much, I can't even tell you.  She babbles all the time and even strings together two words occasionally.  She also seems to use words in the proper context, like "night night" (aka "ny ny") when we put her down and calling me "mama" and Kristopher "dada."  It could just be a coincidence, but I chose to believe this is obvious further evidence of her exceptional-ness :)

She is crawling all over the place -- REAL baby crawling on her knees, not just army crawl -- and especially on carpet, where she can get traction.  She can even stand by herself for a few seconds, at least until she notices that you aren't supporting her anymore, at which point she plops back onto her bottom.

She loves shoes.  I could insert some kind of budding fashionista joke here, but the thing is, she loves to chew on shoes. 
Er...not quite the same. 
Specifically, she loves to put the ends of my high heels in her mouth, but she'll take Barrett's tennis shoes or Kristopher's boots if she's in a pinch.  Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.  Obviously, I keep the closet door shut when she's in our room so she can't crawl in and have A Big Time, but the real conundrum is that I can't just kick off my shoes in the living room/kitchen/wherever anymore.  On another note, She also shows a consistent preference for leopard print.  Girl after my own heart :)

Barrett has become a climbing monkey.  Although not a unique toddler characteristic, obviously this is problematic.  After a few harrowing days of Barrett using the kitchen step stool or the chairs from his wooden table set to climb onto the kitchen counter tops and wreak havoc on my nerves, we decided to relocate said furniture to avoid catastrophe.  It is working...for now. 
Our friend, Leighton, always pays special attention to Barrett and has now taught him to say goodbye in five languages!  Every time she leaves they go through the same drill...
Leighton: Bye Barrett!
Barrett: Bye AyeTon!
Leighton: Au revoir!
Barrett: O-Ree-Vah!
Leighton: Adios!
Barrett: Ah-Dos!
Leighton: Aloha!
Barrett: A-O-Ha!
Leighton: Ciao!
Barrett: Chow!
Leighton: Sayonara!
Barrett: Say ara!
Leighton: Umm...that's all I can think of right now...I'll have a new one next time!
Ever the patriot, Barrett can say the pledge of allegiance.  He put his hand over his heart during Saturday morning pancakes and started saying the words.  Then, he started singing and clapping his hands.  Kristopher and I looked at each other ... "does that sound like the pledge to you??  Where did he learn that?  And what's that song at the end??"
Well, a quick glance at his mother's day out schedule reminded me that they say the pledge followed by a "morning song" which turned out to be "This is the Day That the Lord Has Made."  I am amazed how much he can learn two mornings a week (and ... maybe .01% hurt that I wasn't there to teach it to him myself, but 99.9% proud that he is becoming more independent and is healthy enough that he can go to a MDO program!)  What a big boy!


  1. What a fun, happy post, and such cute pics! Love Charlotte in her Santa's Helper pj's . . . is that a red tutu that she has on?

    Well of course, they are both obviously exceptional! :)

    What a treat getting to see and hear Barrett's patriotism firsthand (with hand over heart)!!

  2. Those are the sweetest pictures of the babies in their Christmas outfits! At least they were looking at the camera! Oh my goodness! Barrett knows the pledge!! I can't wait to hear it!! You are still a 100% great mom!!