Friday, December 2, 2011

Fireman in Training

To Barrett's extreme delight, we stopped by the fire station near my parent's house.  
 I have fond memories of my dad taking me and my sister to the fire station near my grandparents when we were little.  The nice firemen let us ride in the firetruck and even run the siren.  Of course, my grandfather was mayor of the small town and the fire chief was my dad's college roommate, but surely all firemen are accommodating and don't mind showing little kids around the fire station with zero notice....right???

Well, my dad WAS right!  The local firemen were happy to give Barrett an impromptu tour and even let him try out the new firetruck~

Barrett even received a "Junior Fire Marshall Certificate" and a fire safety coloring book.  I'm telling you, the fire department really has their act together!

We will now make it our business to frequent other fire stations back home too.

Now, all he needs is a Dalmatian.  Maybe we can paint spots on Sassy...


  1. Oh, this brings back memories!! Owen was our fireman-to-be, and the firemen at our local station came to know him by name. When it was time to dress up for the Christmas pageant, Owen was sure that he could be a fireman instead of a shepherd...

  2. Spots on Sassy? Hm . . why not just talk Kristopher into getting a REAL Dalmatian??

    I gotta say . . Barrett sure looks great sitting up in that monstrous firetruck. I'm really glad the local firefighters were on-the-ready with the firetruck all spit-shined and were so nice to our enthusiastic little firetruck lover!

  3. my dad worked at station 5 in bluff park until i was about 12 or 13. i take aaron there whenever we are in town.