Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Window Dressing

Window treatments are kind of like an outfit for your windows,  no?
Dining room drapery fabric and beaded trim
Well, my windows have been naked since we moved in.  Over a year ago.  Eek. 
Time to get dressed. 
Close-up of dining room valance
So, I decided to try to make some window treatments, and it was surprisingly easy.  Mostly because I took great pains to find the most fool-proof way to make them.  Here's my tips:

Dining room drapes
I could only get decent pictures at nighttime because there was too much glare coming through the windows during the day, but everything looks so dark and you don't get a nice view of the colors.  :(  oh well.
 1.  I strategically only picked designs that were based on basic rectangles.  This means you only have to sew straight lines.
2.  Plan to gather your window treatment along the top of the rod.  Gathering is your friend!!!  It hides imperfections if your panels don't match up exactly, even though you painstakingly measured them out precisely.  Ugh.
3.  Use fabric glue to attach the trim.  I got this tip from several sewing blogs I happened across when researching the window treatments and it worked like a charm!  It holds down the wide band of trim better than a single stitch and your trim doesn't get "handled" as much, which keeps it looking prettier.
Living room valance fabric and trim

Come to think of it, you could probably achieve a similar effect using iron on fusible tape instead of sewing the seams. 

Everyone should try it!!  It was easy and rewarding.

 And who doesn't like a new outfit, right??
Living room valance
(please excuse the exersaucer and truck balloons in the corner!)

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  1. I love your window dressings! Such an improvement over naked windows and, really, sort of like the icing on the cake, don't you think?

    An aside . . I'm so glad you brought up the truck balloons ~ can you believe they have held up over a month???