Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Kristopher and I took the kids to the Pumpkin Patch on a beautiful Saturday morning~~~

It was so much fun, but PACKED!  I'm glad we went on a Saturday so Kristopher could come too, but man....everyone was there!

Barrett had so much fun that we went with some friends the following Monday when it wasn't so crowded. 
Running up the big inflatable hill

And bouncing back down
 They have face painting, a petting zoo, games, teepees...

In the teepee with Chief Dada and Indian Runs-With-Juice.  How.
Bouncing on the horsey

a hay bale maze, and all kinds of fun activities, in addition to the actual pumpkin patch, of course.

Riding in the stagecoach

I think Barrett's favorite part was the petting zoo (more on that saga later...)

 And baby Charlotte was content to take it all in~~

Happy fall y'all!
Can you guess how we made these pumpkins??
hee hee


  1. Sweet pretty babies! Just love the photo of Charlotte sitting in the middle of the pumpkins, looking down. And so much fun getting to see Barrett in all his action shots. I sure do love "our little pumpkins!!"

  2. What I'd like to know did you clean your, ahem, painting "tools" once the project was completed? Soooo adorable.