Friday, November 11, 2011

Pillow Talk

I had no idea that it was so easy to make pillows~ it's really just a square and 4 (relatively short) straight seams.  What could be easier??  So, here we go!

I had some zebra fabric scraps leftover from recovering chairs, and decided to use them to make a few pillows to jazz up the living room. 
Do you spy Little Miss tugging on the tablecloth?  The one underneath the mercury glass lamp?? 
Yes, I learned my lesson about that...
I love zebra print...I know it isn't for everyone, but I can't get enough of this tone-on-tone zebra.  I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate more into the living room and I'm considering a zebra area rug in a similar pallatte for the dining room.  Go ahead, dare me.

I've also been trying to make pillows to go with the living room valance, but I haven't got those just right yet...I think I'm using the wrong stuffing for silk, because it feels like its full of cotton balls.  Not the effect I was going for...

Not quite right.  Very lumpy.
 I was using a groupon at a local fabric store this week and I happened across a gorgeous satiny rose fabric. 

Perfect to make pillow for a certain little lady!

I like it so much, I may have to go back for mom had the genuis idea to save it to incorporate into her big girl bedding whenever she moves out of her crib.  I love this idea!!  The delicate roses will hopefully soften the horrible blow of her growing up....sniffle.
Matching little pillow for the baby rocker (aka, Barrett's favorite chair in the house)
Meanwhile, did you know my monogramming machine could do this??

just a test monogram on an old towel

Turns out my sewing extraordinaire mother-in-law gave me design software I've been coveting a year and a half ago!! I didn't know what it was! 

I think I would have been less surprised if I was slapped in the face with a wet squirrel.  I was gobsmacked.  Totally. Gobsmacked. 

At the time, I thought it was a computer CD with tutorials to teach you more about stabilizer, proper threads to use, etc.  I tried to navigate through it but quickly got in over my head.  We were also moving and I wasn't spending much time monogramming...apparently, I was a monogramming idiot and just didn't "get it."

But still!!!  Can you believe that??  When I discovered what I had, and had been sitting on since 2010, I was so excited I couldn't sleep.  Not exaggerating.  My head was swimming with project ideas (I will stop gushing here, because I've probably already cemented myself as a sewing nerd, but I can't help it...)

My old guest chair pillows from my office, now on my bed.
I just upzipped the pillow on bottom to take out the down insert and monogrammed the flat sham!

Man!!!  I wish I would have figured this out before I did the monograms on the zebra pillows!  These are so much prettier, and easier too~ But more importantly, I wish I had understood enough about sewing/monogramming earlier so I could have been utilizing this software sooner...
So, now I'm busy making up for lost time.  I've done 13 of the "new" monograms so far.  I'd post more pictures, but most of the things I've done so far are gifts, so I don't want to spoil the surprise...
Happy Friday!


  1. Hey, it is Not Too Late for you to get full enjoyment out of your fabulous monogramming software.

    Besides, just think how distracted you would have been from moving in/getting settled/having a baby/plus taking care of everybody if you had fully realized what it could do! You were not ready.

    And by the way, I really LOVE the bold, block monogram on the zebra print. Very cool.

    Gobsmacked, huh? heehee

  2. Great ideas! It's good to learn by exploring more ideas to compare it from the previous outcome. Just consider everything as a working progress! Keep up the good work! =)