Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Milestone Moment: Snack Cup

We've had several important milestones lately, so brace yourself for a whole series of Milestone Moment posts to catch up!

Charlotte Can Feed Herself!

Around early November, Charlotte started feeding herself from her snack cup! 

This is a life-changing milestone for me too -- now I can bring along pacifying snacks when we are out to run errands, at the doctor's office, in the jogging stroller, on long car trips...you get the drift. 

It is SO nice to be able to give her something to occupy her little hands and appetite, even when I can't be holding her.  My little lady is growing up!
So proud!


  1. BEAUTIFUL little girl!! I can't believe she will be 1!

  2. Such a Big Girl in her pretty cranberry jumper! So sweet!