Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Milestone Moment: Barrett's Second Haircut

On November 18, 2011, Barrett got his second-ever professional haircut. 

Um...mama?  Are we sure we want to take hair advice from the man with the ponytail??
 Even though the first haircut is usually the major "milestone," this was a big deal too because it had been nearly a YEAR since his first haircut.  I'd just been trimming up the ends myself and it was time for another professional cut.
What is he doing to me???
Barrett was VERY apprehensive, but didn't cry at all.  Of course, we were armed with fruit snacks and juice, which helped tremendously. 
All done!

The cut is a little shorter than I anticipated, but it will grow out soon.  What a big boy!!! 

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  1. Oh dear! Out little guy was probably looking unhappy because Mr. Ponytail was taking way too much off the top! Sorry about that, Barrett ~ next time we'll take the scissors right out of his hand! :)