Wednesday, November 9, 2011

For the Record

Lest I forget to record this in their baby books, here's an update of our latest milestones and everyday happenings:

Charlotte is crawling!!  She can push up on her toes into an excellent plank (working on her abs, I guess) and then drops to her little knees, starts to rock back and forth, and then scoot forwards.  She still prefers scooting/army crawl as her primary mode of transportation, but she is officially on the move.  I hope I'm ready for two mobile babies...I also need to increase my vaccuuming frequency since my precious little buttercup is scraping herself along the floor all day every day.

She can feed herself puffs, cheerios, raisins, beans, and pieces of olives (she likes them too, what are the odds?  Clearly, this is hereditary~~) and is beginning to show a definite preference for being spoon-fed baby purees over being bottle fed.  I think she knows that she is missing out on grown up food and wants to be a big girl. 

Charlotte plays peek-a-boo!  It is the sweetest thing.  She pulls her dress or bib over her face when I say "Where's Charlotte....?" and jerks it down with a grin when I say "peek-a-boo!"  She is such a happy and sweet baby~~
In her faux fur swing coat (more on this later...)
We are working on saying "bye bye" with a wave; she can return a high five most of the time~~

Barrett has liked to count for a while, and now he initiates counting things by himself.  For example, he'll count the black beans on his plate, the pumpkins on display, the apples in our grocery cart, or the tractors on the chest of his coveralls.
Delicious goldfish in my wagon
His favorite past time must be announcing and identifying each and every truck or piece of machinery equipment that we encounter while stopped at an intersection, driving on the interstate, in a parking lot, or even small replicas of trucks that we see in stores.  I mean, he is a real eagle eye for all things truck.  Not much slips past him. 

Just woke up and still a little sleepy
Gobble gobble!

Here's a normal conversation in the car:
Barrett: TRUCK!!!  There you are!  You found me!
Me: That's right Barrett, it's a truck!
Barrett: Truck!  You found me!  (trying to teach him to say I found YOU instead of the other way around, but he prefers it this way)
Me: (keeping the conversation going) What color is the truck?
Barrett: Yellow...? (he always says yellow first when I ask him a color....that's a mystery)
Me: No, buddy, it's not yellow...What color is the truck?
Barrett: (triumphantly) BLUE!!  Blue truck!  I found you!

We have this exact conversation at least a dozen times a day, no exaggeration.  Usually in relation to trucks,  but sometimes to other favorite things/people like Charlotte, bananas, pumpkins (new seasonal favorite), or a special toy.
"Zoo!!  You found me!"
A favorite for Barrett...and Charlotte...and just about every friend that comes over to play~
We already added a dolphin to our zoo animal family.  But the tiger is his favorite~


  1. Crawling! Good for you, Charlotte! She knows she better get on the move so she can keep up with Barrett. And of course she wants the delicious stuff she sees all of you eating . . even if she does have to gum it! For now. (Not at all surprised about the olives, btw . . I'm just sayin, Jessica . . )

    And, Barrett, your attraction to trucks sure seems normal to me. That allure is probably as great for little boys as it is for big boys.

    Well of COURSE he likes the tiger best! Love, LOVE that toy!

  2. aaron just got his "you" and "me" correct. he had them backwards forever! i like posts like this.

  3. Adorable. And at least Barrett says, "you" and "I." Beau insists on referring to himself in the third person.

    And, I NEED to know about that fur swing coat. If you made it and you have an adult pattern, I'm a size Medium...thank you.

  4. What?! I can hardly get Barrett to say his name at all! The closest he comes is something that sounds like "Barrett's milk" when he is drinking a cup of morning milk. So funny how differently they learn, huh?

    And can have your very own faux fur coat. It really takes about 30 minutes! Will post more later~~