Monday, November 28, 2011


We all know that Barrett is somewhat obsessed with truck and trains.  Or, as his sweet teacher says, he's "possessive" with certain trucks in the classroom.  We are working to remedy this "possessive" streak and are enforcing a strict sharing policy at home.  If Charlotte is playing with something first, Barrett is not allowed to snatch it from her. 

In attempt to circumvent our efforts, Barrett has started stockpiling his favorite toys in the back of his dump truck and pushing it around with him.  This way, he won't have to share, because the favorite items are safely within his truck, which he keeps at hand at all times. 

Usual truck cargo: other trucks, the train puzzle piece from his sound puzzle, the tiger from his zoo, sippy cup, Christmas ornaments, any shoes, the jingle bells that are supposed to hang on the front door handle, etc.

In a new twist, he has also started appropriating items that are NOT within his purview, but that he covets and loves to play with even more than regular toys, probably by sheer virtue of the fact that they are off limits. 

For example, in the last two days, I've found: a cordless phone, remote to the bedroom TV, my cell phone, and the baby Jesus from the nativity scene. 

I'm really worried that baby Jesus might permanently go missing from the manger and be suspiciously replaced with a handful of goldfish.  I don't mean to make a blasphemous joke...that is a pretty realistic scenario.  This dawned on me yesterday as I automatically ran to the Tonka truck when I heard the phone ringing.

But still, his favorite cargo, hands down?
Tickle, tickle!

Hold tight, Char-du!!

Editorial sidenote: Barrett habitually calls Charlotte "Char-du" -- I guess as an adaptation of the nickname Kristopher uses - "Charlotte Sue," even though her middle name is Vivienne.  I know.  None of this makes sense.  But what can I say??  I call her Buttercup or Bunny more often than Charlotte so I don't really have room to talk.


  1. Soooo funny! LOVE this post! heehee

  2. This just cracks me up!! Probably because I live out the same scenario at my house daily. The only difference is that Nathan stands at the top of the stairs and yells "An-do, where are you?!?!" until his baby brother comes dutifully toddling around the corner and up the stairs. Funny kids!