Tuesday, October 25, 2011

School Days, School Days, Dear Old Golden Rule Days

**In attempt to catch up on our happenings, I'm starting from the farthest and working up to present.  Excuse the time warp.**

Barrett started school this fall...  Agh!  Growing up too fast!!!

 He attends a mothers day out preschool program two mornings a week.  Although the beginning was a little traumatic for all parties involved, he loves it now.  The first day, he cried so hard when Charlotte and I droppped him off, that I had to drive around the corner from the school and cry in the drugstore parking lot until I could compose myself~~  sheesh!
Visiting his classroom before school started
Now, I think it is his favorite part of the week, which I try not to take too personally.  He has a really sweet teacher (who happens to have three redheaded children of her own, and loves my little redhead!), he made friends with his 7 classmates, and gets to have music time, craft time, and playground time.  So fun, right?

Plus, it is nice to have bonding time with Charlotte when Barrett is in school.  We've never had that before, and I think she really likes her special lady time.

My favorite part is when I'm in the carpool line to pick him up and I get to see him playing on the playground and interacting with the other kids before he notices I'm there.  It is so heartwarming to see him acting as his own little person, doing his own thing, with his own little friends.  But....I not-so-secretly relish the fact that he yells "MAMA" as soon as he sees my car, and runs towards me smiling.

I love that he loves school so much, and I love that he loves coming home even more :)

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  1. If it makes you feel better, Beau loves his teacher so much that Tuesday he tried to go home with her. Seriously, one of the other teachers told me he tried to sneak out the classroom after her and threw a fit when he was caught and told that he would have to go home with his own mommy. Gee, thanks, Beau. :/