Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Barrett!!

Beep, beep! 

Choo, choo!!

Barrett just turned TWO!

 We celebrated with a party themed around two of Barrett's favorite things -- trucks and trains!
Side note: My talented friend, Lauren, created all of the design printables, and she can make some for you too!!  In addition to designing invitations and announcements, her party pack includes also door signs, 2" cupcake toppers, 8" cake toppers, favor tags, water bottle wrappers, and more.  Check out her etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/laurenloulolly

In a moment of delusion, I decided I wanted to try to make Barrett's cake.  A truck seemed too hard, so I decided to try a train.
This was a risky move, considering I've never made a cake like this before and I made it the morning of the party.  I ordered 30 cupcakes as emergency back-up....
But the cake was a hit! 
I think the kids likes that it had cake AND icing AND candy.  Remember that: you can almost always impress kids by adding more sugar.  I'm sure their parents appreciated that when the sugar-high set in....sorry about that.

Three train cars, complete with a red caboose carrying pumpkins

Birthday banner and presents from sweet friends and family
The birthday boy was in constant action between the jumpy house, bubble station, and friends

Now time for his favorite part!!!  Singing the Birthday Song~~

Happy Birthday, Barrett!!  We love you so much!

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  1. Such a BIG BOY . . . sigh. Seems like he has gotten to be TWO in a blink. Makes me want to enjoy every moment!