Monday, September 5, 2011

Sew, What Have You Been Up to Lately?

I'm still trying to learn to sew, and it is pretty fun.  There have been frustrating moments, particularly involving buttonholes and a specific pair of longalls for Barrett, but overall, I really like it! 
Who would have thought, right?? 
It is gratifying to see it come together as you work on the project and I'm proud of the things I've made, even though they are full of mistakes.

Here's a few of my recent projects:
Purple dress for baby Charlotte, trimmed in gingham ruffles and lined with yellow seersucker.
I tried to take a picture of her in the dress, but it is WAY too big.  I even used a pattern, so I don't know why the sizing is off.  Oh well, she can always wear it next year.

Ruffled pink seersucker baby blanket with name monogram
Blue seersucker dress for Charlotte with ruffle trim and ribbon tie shoulders
The ribbon tie shoulders were a LOT easier than buttons, but she likes to untie them....when she wears this, she is usually sporting a one-shouldered look within 5 minutes of me re-tying the bows.

Truck pajama pants with appliqued shirt and name monogram.  I'm saving these for his birthday...  I think he will really like them because he is crazy about trucks and was very excited when I bought the fabric.

Sock monkey pajama pants with monogrammed shirt.  Also saving these for birthday, just to give him an extra present to unwrap :)

Crab shorts and applique shirt with button eyes

Crab outfit in action.
Notice the sticker is still on the apple...  yes, he snuck it out of the produce bag in the grocery cart and started munching before I could even wash it.  Ick.
By the way, he started chowing down on the apple AFTER he'd already opened the cherry tomatoes and squirted tomato juice and seeds all over the other groceries in the cart.  And yes, I did feed him before this grocery trip; he wasn't starving.
Lesson learned: he is NOT ready to ride in the big part of the cart!


  1. I love Charlotte's dress that ties in the shoulder and next year she can wear the purple one to tailgate! Barrett is such a lucky little boy to have all those cute pajamas! Keep up the awesome sewing :)

  2. Ok. Rebecca and Jenny. I'll be getting a sewing machine VERY soon and will need lessons. :)