Thursday, September 1, 2011

Carousel Tiger

Barrett loves loves LOVES to make animal sounds. 

Me: "What does a monkey say?"
Barrett: [pounds chest] "Ooo, ooo, ooo!"
A cow?  MOO!!
A sheep?  Baaaaaa
An alligator?  Chomp chomp
A snake?  Hisssssssssss

But his very favorite animal noise is a tiger: "ROAR!"
 So, of course, he has to ride the tiger when we go to the carousel.  After all, carousel horses are so mainstream and pedestrian. 

His favorite books right now are ones that involve animals, so he can point out each animal and say the sound it makes. 
I love this one.  Also good practice for naming colors.
This book is especially great because it involves counting AND a train too, in addition to all the animals.  His favorite things, all in one.

But, of course, tigers are always his favorite.

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  1. This whole post is too cute. But my favorite part is the last picture....what a GREAT pic of you with Barrett! :)~

    ROAR! (for football weekend!!!)