Monday, August 29, 2011

Milestone Moment: First Solids

Charlotte finally branched out into eating solid foods. 
We tried rice cereal first, to get her used to eating with a spoon. 

 Then, we moved on to purees.
So far, she's had:
1.  Sweet potatoes
2.  Acorn squash (I never made this one for is a hard winter squash, almost pumpkin-esque.  Supposed to have lots of good vitamins)
3.  Sweet peas
4.  Peaches

Next up, she'll get:
5.  Zucchini
6.  Plums
7.  Summer squash

I haven't made any other foods for her yet, but I'll probably do cherries soon, plus pears, apples, and asparagus.  Those were some of Barrett's favorites.  Then avocados and bananas, neither of which Barrett favored when he was a baby, but he loves now. 

So far, Charlotte is a happy little eater and hasn't refused anything.  I hope she is always so easy to please!

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