Monday, August 15, 2011

Charlotte's Pinafore

It takes a village to raise a child.  And also, apparently, to sew a pinafore.

The first part went surprisingly well!!  I cut out my pattern, pinned and pressed everything, and sewed it without outside seams to that it is fully reversible (the other side is solid pale pink) ~ ~  I'm starting to feel pretty good at this point!
I guess I didn't really think I could pull it off, so I didn't plan ahead by buying buttons.  Luckily, my friend Jenny lives across the street and met me on the sidewalk during naptime with her button jar so I could finish the project right then, during the waning remainder of naptime, instead of waiting until the next day to go buy buttons. 

Then began the hoopla of actually trying to sew buttonholes, which it turns out, is a lot harder than anticipated.  This is the part where I repeatedly call my patient mother-in-law to talk me through the sewing machine settings while I try to make a stupid buttonhole.  Why do all the practice buttonholes turn out perfectly, but the buttonholes on the actual dress chew up the fabric???  On the upside, I learned to use a seam ripper.
Note to self: stock up on ribbon so all of Charlotte's future dresses can have shoulder ties.  I'm swearing off buttons for a while...

I finally figured out the buttonholes around 10p that night and finished the dress.  It took a while, but I'd venture to say it was worth it -- my first handmade dress!!!  And notably -- Charlotte loves to suck on the buttons on her shoulders, like an attached teething ring.  At least I know they are truly appreciated ~ ~

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  1. Look at you!!! You are amazingly talented at sewing! That is your first pinafore and it came out perfectly. Love the polk-a-dots!! I love how that dress just surrounds her when she sits.