Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bouncing Boy

After several consecutive days of sweating through our clothes delicately glistening at the park and zoo, we decided it was time for some indoor activities (ie, AIR CONDITIONED activities). 

 What's the best way to beat the August heat??


There must be a dozen of these big inflatables at the bounce place, but the ball pit is his favorite, hands down.  Or maybe I should say, belly down.
Belly flop!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Milestone Moment: First Solids

Charlotte finally branched out into eating solid foods. 
We tried rice cereal first, to get her used to eating with a spoon. 

 Then, we moved on to purees.
So far, she's had:
1.  Sweet potatoes
2.  Acorn squash (I never made this one for is a hard winter squash, almost pumpkin-esque.  Supposed to have lots of good vitamins)
3.  Sweet peas
4.  Peaches

Next up, she'll get:
5.  Zucchini
6.  Plums
7.  Summer squash

I haven't made any other foods for her yet, but I'll probably do cherries soon, plus pears, apples, and asparagus.  Those were some of Barrett's favorites.  Then avocados and bananas, neither of which Barrett favored when he was a baby, but he loves now. 

So far, Charlotte is a happy little eater and hasn't refused anything.  I hope she is always so easy to please!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Swinging Around

Baby Charlotte tried out the park swings for the first time ~ ~ ~

 Such a big girl!

Remember Barrett's first time in the swing??

He wasn't so sure at first...
Barrett, 6m
Barrett warmed up to the swings and Charlotte seems to like them too.

Look at those long legs!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cowboy!

Kristopher's godson turns one today!  Horray!

We had a great time at his farm-themed cowboy birthday shin dig~

And even got to ride in a buggy behind a tiny horse named Baby Blue.

Happy Birthday buddy!

UPDATE: You will never ever guess what the birthday boy got as a present --- a baby sister born on his birthday!!  What a happy day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Never Liked the Taste of Crow

Whether we admit it or not, we've all been there. 
Saying "I'll never to that!" is the fastest way to find yourself backpedaling to justify your actions when you actually DO what you swore up and down you'd never be caught dead doing. 

It's time to fess up. 

Here's what made me eat crow lately:
::  "I'll never mow the lawn"
I always considered this a husband job.  Plus, I have allergies.  And I don't really like being dirty.  So, although I would be happy to help pull weeds or plant flowers, I never actually mowed.  Until the recent bathroom remodel.  Kristopher was busy doing construction stuff in the afternoons and on the weekends and the grass was getting so high that it was hard to see Sassy when she walked around in the yard (only a slight exaggeration).  It was time to take matters into my own hands.  I mowed the whole yard during the kids' naptime on two separate occasions.  It was a dark period that I hope to never revisit.  And, coincidentally, I just hired a yard guy that starts this week.

::  "I'll never allow my child to regularly watch TV"
I count on Blue's Clues to give me a chance to blow dry my hair and fix dinner.  It's practically a safety measure at this point, because there's no telling what Barrett could get into when my attention is focused on something else for a nanosecond. 

::  "I'll never feed my toddler processed foods.  Or gummy fruit snacks.  Or frozen pizza.  Or gross quantities of animal crackers."
Hey, an animal cracker bribe to give me a peaceful trip through the grocery/Hobby Lobby/doctor's office is waaaayy better than being "that girl" with the screaming toddler.  Really, you should be thanking me for this one.  Don't leave home without animal crackers...

::  "I'll never be one of those moms who can only talk about her children"
ahem, this blog...
Enough said.

::  "I'll never be a stay-at-home mom"
That's right, y'all.  As of last week, I am no longer a practicing attorney.  Ever since Barrett was deemed ineligible for daycare because of his heart troubles, I've been working from home for my firm on a part time basis.  I never planned to stay at home, but after Barrett was born and we were faced with unexpected medical issues, all of our plans changed.
I can vividly remember saying to myself in law school that I couldn't understand how a woman could work so hard to succeed in the legal field, only to stay at home soon after.  It seemed like a waste: trading diapers and playdates for all of those hours studying for exams, editing law review papers, and cramming for the bar exam.
But now that I am grounded in the real world, instead of up on my soapbox, I can see that I'm doing what really matters most to me -- being with my babies and cherishing their everyday moments. 
And I've never been happier.
Although part of  me is sad that I no longer have an office or a need for a wardrobe of suits, it somehow feels like my new job is even more important.  Go figure ~ ~

Now it's your turn -- have you ever had to eat crow?  Go on, confess. 
It doesn't taste so bad...  I'm starting to get used to it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Charlotte's Pinafore

It takes a village to raise a child.  And also, apparently, to sew a pinafore.

The first part went surprisingly well!!  I cut out my pattern, pinned and pressed everything, and sewed it without outside seams to that it is fully reversible (the other side is solid pale pink) ~ ~  I'm starting to feel pretty good at this point!
I guess I didn't really think I could pull it off, so I didn't plan ahead by buying buttons.  Luckily, my friend Jenny lives across the street and met me on the sidewalk during naptime with her button jar so I could finish the project right then, during the waning remainder of naptime, instead of waiting until the next day to go buy buttons. 

Then began the hoopla of actually trying to sew buttonholes, which it turns out, is a lot harder than anticipated.  This is the part where I repeatedly call my patient mother-in-law to talk me through the sewing machine settings while I try to make a stupid buttonhole.  Why do all the practice buttonholes turn out perfectly, but the buttonholes on the actual dress chew up the fabric???  On the upside, I learned to use a seam ripper.
Note to self: stock up on ribbon so all of Charlotte's future dresses can have shoulder ties.  I'm swearing off buttons for a while...

I finally figured out the buttonholes around 10p that night and finished the dress.  It took a while, but I'd venture to say it was worth it -- my first handmade dress!!!  And notably -- Charlotte loves to suck on the buttons on her shoulders, like an attached teething ring.  At least I know they are truly appreciated ~ ~

Good Morning, Sunshine

I love a relaxing morning, when we don't have to rush out to be somewhere early.

Barrett and Charlotte are both in a sweet mood after a good night's sleep and a full tummy of morning milk.
And the best part is morning cuddles!
  Sweet hugs & kisses ~ ~ ~

 Have a great day!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Weather Update: Hell is Frozen Over. In Related News: I Learned to Sew

That's right, y'all. 
I can sew!  I know, it's shocking, considering my renowned inability to reliably operate my automatic monogramming machine.
My mother-in-law gave me a sewing machine for my birthday and I've been having SEW MUCH FUN (sorry, couldn't resist the pun).  I like it even more than I thought~~
The very first thing I made was John Deere pajama pants and an applique shirt for Barrett:

Sleepy time
Next up, I made shorts and a matching applique shirt:

Are you detecting an applique theme??  I'm really into the appliques lately, but I love making the shorts/pants to go with them so there is a whole outfit. 

I haven't made matching shorts for these shirts yet.  Hopefully soon.

Let's be honest, I've dreaded the transition to "big boy clothes" (ie, jeans, collared shirts, separates, etc) since the day he was born, and I still dress him in smocked clothes and bubbles when Kristopher isn't looking.  But, I'm satisfied that the matching applique/shorts combos are "big boy" but still cute.  Everyone wins, right??
Now I want to make something for baby Charlotte!  Although I'm a little intimidated by the difficulty factor of ruffles, and puffed sleeves, and all the pretty girly-type things.  We'll see how it goes...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Very Merry Half Birthday

Horray, Charlotte is 6 months old!

A very merry half birthday ~ ~

~ ~ To me? ~ ~

To you!
A very merry half birthday ~ ~

~ ~ For me? ~ ~

For you!!
Now blow the candle out, my dear, and make your wish come true! 
A very merry half birthday to you ~ ~