Saturday, July 2, 2011

Meanwhile, Back on the Ranch

Well, the big news is that Barrett is mostly over the pneumonia.  Yay!  He got a good report at his follow-up visit and isn't contagious, but still has a mean cough as his lungs work out any remaining gunk.

Best part of bedtime??  Bunny slippers.

Baby Charlotte ended up coming down with roseola.  When she broke out into a faint red rash all over, I was concerned that she was allergic to her antibiotic for the sinus infection, but the doctor confirmed that it was, indeed, roseola.  This was her first illness :(

All smiles with her get well card from Grammy and Grandpa~
Its funny, because she never ran a high fever, like Barrett did when he had roseola (his was 104.7; hers was 101.3) but the rash also didn't look like Barrett's allergic reaction to antibiotics (he broke out in angry red hives ALL OVER with barely any normal skin showing through; she had a faint red pin-prink looking rash).
Just more confirmation that every baby is different.
You'd think I would have stopped comparing them by now, but it is a hard habit to break...

What do you think? 
Should we both smile for mama at the same time??

Nah!  It's way too fun to see what she'll do next to try to make us smile together!
And in puppy news: Sassy got groomed this week, and the vet at the animal hospital informed us that she has a heart murmur and will need a bunch of expensive tests from a doggie cardiologist.  When Kristopher heard the estimate for the vet bills, he asked if it would just be easier to start burning money in the backyard ourselves.  Yikes.
Sassy, the fugitive.
This picture was taken when I picked her up from the front of the neighborhood the other day.  She ran out of the house when I was bringing groceries inside and I didn't discover she was missing for 20m.  What can I say?? 
I had 2 other small people on my mind. 
So, then the frantic search started, only to find her prancing around the guard gazebo near the neighborhood entrance, without a care in the world.  Sheesh.
Oh yes, and there's this:

We started renovating our master bathroom this weekend. You know, because we really didn't have anything else going on.  More updates to follow~


  1. Cute, cute, cute! Everybody!

    Charlotte must be the happiest baby I've ever seen ~~ and she sure loves her mama! She is always reaching out to you with the BIGGEST smile!

    Big Brother Barrett is looking mighty long & lean in those pj's! The bunny slippers? A great look, of course! All he needs is a cowboy hat . . and his horse . .

    And Sassy, the little rascal . . . I still say you need to install a stake in the backyard, so you can attach her to it on a short leash. Yeah!

    And the bathroom remodel - y'all are gonna LOVE it. It's looking great already. You'll never miss the blue tile :)!!

  2. Bathroom remodel is tough. Sick kids is tough. Sick puppy is tough. But YOU GOT THIS BECCA! I have total faith in YOU.

    In the meantime....those bunny slippers (Barrett) and adorable smile with outstretched arms (Charlotte) can come defeat me anytime. Aunt Gessa yields.....they are too cute for words!

    And you know what - Sassy can come vacation at the Kaufhold house anytime she needs to rest her dear heart. I'm sure Bailey - and EINHEIT! - will be more than happy to provide a "vacation environment" for her. HA!

    My prayer is for peace for you and yours. Looks you got - good gracious, those are gorgeous babies...and a cute pup! Peace I pray - never pray for patience....rather peace!! I LOVE YOU!!!!