Friday, July 29, 2011

Ear Infections, and Tubes, and Adenoids, Oh My!

Well, shoot. 
When Barrett got his fourth ear infection in four months, our pediatrician suggested we throw in the towel and get tubes.  While they were in there, she recommended they remove his adenoids too. 

He looks so small in his tiny hospital gown~

We met with the ENT, who confirmed the same recommendation.  After his cardiologist signed off on any potential impact the anesthesia may have on his heart (just slows it down...a good thing for Barrett), he was all set to go.

The nice nurse gave me stickers!  Maybe this isn't going to be so bad...?
So, we went this morning at early:30 for Barrett's pre-op and paperwork, and he was out of recovery and back home before Good Morning America was over.  It is amazing how fast they get you in and out.

Sort of groggy on the ride home
He was very disoriented when he woke up, which is scary for any parent, but we held him in the special rocking chairs in the recovery room while he came around.  Most of all, his throat seemed to bother him from the breathing tube -- he had a horrible cough and didn't want to eat or drink, even though he hadn't eaten since dinner last night. 
After sleeping for a few hours this morning, he seemed more like his usual self!  He ate lunch and played for a little while, but got sleepy again very soon.  I have a feeling this will be a very low key weekend.
Cross your fingers for a quick recovery and that Barrett will finally have some relief from his chronic earaches!

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  1. I think my observation is like yours ~~ for such a big boy, he does look so small (and probably a little bit scared) in his tiny hospital gown. But what a relief that he has done so well post surgery. Fingers crossed that good health continues!!