Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Best Deal Ever

Do you know what a few naptime hours spent with your monogramming machine can get you??
New custom handmade outfits for your children!!!  Yay!!!

Plaid shorts with appliqued initials in matching fabric.
Seersucker version of the same outfit coming soon!

Bonus: This outfit also works without the matching shorts when you add daddy's cowboy boots and a hat.  Yee-haw!

Summery seersucker dress for baby Charlotte!

future pajamas
No, I didn't make any of these clothes myself (although, if you know me at all, I'm sure you already KNEW that). 
But, my neighbor Jenny did!!  We decided to trade my monogramming for her sewing. 
Here's the thing though: she is brilliantly talented at sewing and I'm a medicore monogrammer at best.  Even though my machine is programmed so that I only have to type in the letters and hit "go" ... (hey, it can be hard to keep the fabric straight once the machine starts making all the jerky stitches!  And who knew it was so hard to load a bobbin, whatever that is...) 
Anyway, I'm just hoping that she doesn't wise up and realize that I'm getting the good end of the stick in this arrangement.  You can see all of Jenny's sewing lovlies at her blog, http://seaminglysmitten.blogspot.com/
Here's what you do to get The Best Deal Ever:
1.  Find a good friend that is a sewing genuis
2.  Convince her that she should gamble letting you monogram her things, even though there is at least a 25% chance that your machine could inexplicably eat up the fabric because you don't really know how to operate it very well.
3.  Start bartering!
So far, I've done a few applique shirts with names for her sweet kiddos:

And a few shirts for Barrett too~~
And dresses for her precious little girl!

I'm having so much fun watching Jenny masterfully whip up these outfits and dresses that I'm even thinking about learning to sew.  Of course, then I'd actually have to learn what a bobbin does...


  1. I laughed through the entire post! You are so awesome at monogramming and I have the outfits (and handtowels) to prove it! Thanks for all the monogramming! Catherine is wearing her polk-a-dotted dress right now and feeling quite sweet and sassy in it. Oh and you forgot to mention Barrett's first pair of shorts that could fit baby Charlotte. ;) We will both get better and I hope we keep bartering!

  2. OMG. Too cute. The two of you would make a great team to sell all that ADORABLE stuff that Jenny makes. I love it! I just wish I had something to barter with the two of you!!