Thursday, June 23, 2011

You Know You are the Mother of Sick Children When....

::  The pharmacy ladies at Walgreens are willing to give you infant Tylenol via the drive thru to keep you from having to get both sleeping babies out of their carseats, into the stroller, and into the store.

::  Your toddler's recent meal of watermelon and black olives is considered a whopping success because it is the first real food he's eaten in three days.

::  Last 48 hours include four doctor visits, one phone consult, chest x-rays, two pulse/oxygen tests, three rocephin shots, four doses of oral antibiotics, and an uncalculated amount of infant Tylenol and Motrin.

::  You let your toddler watch Blue's Clues in his highchair...and in the car...and in your bed.

::  The new box of 30 thermometer covers is empty.

::  In a moment of desperation, you decide to "ban" a certain pair of pajamas because your baby has stayed awake all night the last two times he's worn them and you're nobody's fool.


  1. Watermelon & black olives . . . HA . . . I love it!