Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From Zero to Sixty in 24 Hours

It amazes me how quickly children can get sick. 
This is Barrett on Monday:

Balls!!  YAY!!
He was bouncing around with so much enthusiasm that I couldn't ever get a clear picture of him. 
Aside: These places are genius -- dozens of bouncy houses inside a big air-conditioned gym.  We will be back.

And this is Barrett on Tuesday:

Ho hum.
 He didn't sleep well on Sunday night, so I had a clue that something was going on and kept an eye on him.  But no fever or other outward symptoms.  Plus, he seemed playful on Monday. 
When he woke up with a fever and cough on Tuesday, I called to get the first available appointment with our pediatrician.  He was lethargic, still, and subdued -- obviously NOT normal for him -- and had no appetite.  Something was definitely off.

Well, guess what??

Terrible double ear infections
and pneumonia. 
He had pneumonia as a baby and it was no fun for any party involved.  Not to mention, it is scary too.
The fever + ear infections + pneumonia puts stress on his little body and makes his heart rate so much higher than normal.  His doctor recommended that we alternate Tylenol and Motrin as often as allowed -- including setting my clock to give it to him during the night -- to keep his fever under control, and hopefully reduce his heart rate.  So far this is helping. 
He is also getting a round of three shots and oral antibiotics.  He won't have to be hospitalized as long as he responds to the shots and his oxygen levels are okay.

I just couldn't get over how suddenly his condition went downhill.  Instead of being his usual playful self yesterday, he just lay in my lap while I scratched his back.  The two and a half hours at the doctors office were mostly spent cuddling quietly while we waited on chest x-rays, tests for his oxygen levels, shots, etc.

At least today he wanted to color at the doctor's office.  That's an improvement.
Today, Day Two, he has graduated from pitiful lethargy to fussiness, which I guess it a sign that he feels better if he can muster up the energy to be fussy.  Poor guy still feels awful though.  We are combating the fussiness by indulging him with a near-constant rotation of Blue's Clues, baths, playing with his toys, and basically anything else that he feels up to doing.

Here's hoping that he will get better as quickly as he got sick and that Charlotte will miraculously remain healthy.


  1. Sad. At least he has a cute lobster shirt!

  2. Aww... I'm so sorry to hear that he isn't feeling well. Hope he's feeling better soon!

  3. So awful for our sweet boy. And, like you said, it's incredible how FAST a little one can get really sick! Amazing, isn't it? I bet by now his appetite is back and he's starving - and making up for lost time/food!