Thursday, June 23, 2011

You Know You are the Mother of Sick Children When....

::  The pharmacy ladies at Walgreens are willing to give you infant Tylenol via the drive thru to keep you from having to get both sleeping babies out of their carseats, into the stroller, and into the store.

::  Your toddler's recent meal of watermelon and black olives is considered a whopping success because it is the first real food he's eaten in three days.

::  Last 48 hours include four doctor visits, one phone consult, chest x-rays, two pulse/oxygen tests, three rocephin shots, four doses of oral antibiotics, and an uncalculated amount of infant Tylenol and Motrin.

::  You let your toddler watch Blue's Clues in his highchair...and in the car...and in your bed.

::  The new box of 30 thermometer covers is empty.

::  In a moment of desperation, you decide to "ban" a certain pair of pajamas because your baby has stayed awake all night the last two times he's worn them and you're nobody's fool.

Et Tu, Charlotte?

If you were betting that it is impossible to keep a sick toddler from spreading germs to his baby sister,
you were right. 
From the day she was born, Barett has NOT been able to keep his hands off baby Charlotte or her clothes, toys, blankets, carseat, etc.  Come to think of it, I guess this was inevitable...

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E
Exhibit F
I rest my case.
Sweet baby Charlotte started running a fever yesterday that got all the way up to 101.3.  Our pediatrician officially diagnosed her with a sinus infection.  I'm just grateful that it isn't pneumonia or an ear infection....

In happier days...
She is too young for cold medicine, so we're just trying antibiotics, steam, baby Vicks, humidifier, etc. 
And I hate to admit it, but my throat is starting to hurt and my face is tender.....oh geez.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From Zero to Sixty in 24 Hours

It amazes me how quickly children can get sick. 
This is Barrett on Monday:

Balls!!  YAY!!
He was bouncing around with so much enthusiasm that I couldn't ever get a clear picture of him. 
Aside: These places are genius -- dozens of bouncy houses inside a big air-conditioned gym.  We will be back.

And this is Barrett on Tuesday:

Ho hum.
 He didn't sleep well on Sunday night, so I had a clue that something was going on and kept an eye on him.  But no fever or other outward symptoms.  Plus, he seemed playful on Monday. 
When he woke up with a fever and cough on Tuesday, I called to get the first available appointment with our pediatrician.  He was lethargic, still, and subdued -- obviously NOT normal for him -- and had no appetite.  Something was definitely off.

Well, guess what??

Terrible double ear infections
and pneumonia. 
He had pneumonia as a baby and it was no fun for any party involved.  Not to mention, it is scary too.
The fever + ear infections + pneumonia puts stress on his little body and makes his heart rate so much higher than normal.  His doctor recommended that we alternate Tylenol and Motrin as often as allowed -- including setting my clock to give it to him during the night -- to keep his fever under control, and hopefully reduce his heart rate.  So far this is helping. 
He is also getting a round of three shots and oral antibiotics.  He won't have to be hospitalized as long as he responds to the shots and his oxygen levels are okay.

I just couldn't get over how suddenly his condition went downhill.  Instead of being his usual playful self yesterday, he just lay in my lap while I scratched his back.  The two and a half hours at the doctors office were mostly spent cuddling quietly while we waited on chest x-rays, tests for his oxygen levels, shots, etc.

At least today he wanted to color at the doctor's office.  That's an improvement.
Today, Day Two, he has graduated from pitiful lethargy to fussiness, which I guess it a sign that he feels better if he can muster up the energy to be fussy.  Poor guy still feels awful though.  We are combating the fussiness by indulging him with a near-constant rotation of Blue's Clues, baths, playing with his toys, and basically anything else that he feels up to doing.

Here's hoping that he will get better as quickly as he got sick and that Charlotte will miraculously remain healthy.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Want Some Company?

Barrett likes to hang out with Charlotte.
Even if it means participating in tummy time.

He's supportive like that.

Roly Poly

Something happened during tummy time last night...

Something BIG...

Drumroll, please...

Charlotte rolled over for the first time!

From tummy to back.  TWICE!

Yay Charlotte!!~~~

Monday, June 13, 2011

Double the Kiddos = Double the Fun

Barrett loves his bath...

Charlotte likes it too~

But do you know what is even better??

The kiddos' first double bath!

Charlotte wasn't too sure about this, and it was tricky holding onto a slippery baby in the big tub, but I can see this as a major time-saver in the future.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

And They Lived Happily Ever After...

Barrett has always enjoyed storytime. 
I can remember reading to him when he was only a few days old.  I felt a little silly at the time, but he seemed to enjoy it, so I thought, why not?
I haven't had as much time to read to Charlotte, unless Barrett happens to be napping when storytime strikes us.  But, I recently discovered how fun it is to read to them together

 I don't know why this didn't occur to me before.  Maybe because Charlotte wasn't sturdy enough to sit in my lap while I also held Barrett and turned pages in a book.  Or maybe because I am just now emerging from the fog that engulfed me when I became the mother of two small children...
Either way, now we're doing it, so better late than never, right?~~

The book distracts Barrett long enough for him to sit still and not wiggle out of my grasp, and Charlotte is just happy to be there. 

Ok fine, Barrett doesn't sit still through the whole story because he soon realizes he is within reach of baby Charlotte.  Then, the whole circus of trying to get to her kicks into high gear and story time is out the window.  But, it was fun while it lasted~

Barrett: Hey baby!!  Hey baby!!
(said repeatedly at increasing volume to get Charlotte's attention...)
Barrett: Look, mama!  This is Charlotte's nose!
Barrett:  Are you sleepy, baby Charlotte?  Let me cover your yawn. 
Maybe you should go night-night so us grown-ups can stay up and play.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dear Mr. Pest Control Dude

Dear Mr. Pest Control Twerp Dude,

I can appreciate that it is not incredibly fulfilling to profile insects and plot their demise for a living. 
Really, that must be a downer.  Unless, of course, you are sadist and enjoy that sort of thing.  Did you light ants on fire with a magnifying glass when you were a little boy?  Just asking...

I'll just assume that your sarcastic know-it-all attitude is a manifestation of your apparent dissatisfaction.  I'm sorry about that.

However.  It is not necessary to tell me that the bug spray your company has been using around my kids for their entire lives is a toxic substance that can mortally injure humans and small dogs.  Sassy didn't appreciate that either.

And besides, based on my prior research and previous interaction with every other member of your company that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting -- that's just not true.  The interior bug spray is non-toxic.  And a follow-up call to your manager confirmed that.  Why do you insist that my children have been subjected to harmful chemicals that will certainly result in weird and heretofore unknown defects?  That doesn't even make sense.  Have you seen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles too many times??

Further, if you can't treat the inside of our house, nor do anything to discourage the proliferation of lizards, caterpillars, garden snakes, or mosquitoes outside, then remind me -- why did we hire you??  Because I'd rather not pay you just to ring my doorbell and tell me what you CAN'T do.

Yes, we all appreciate the irony that you have the social skills of a stinging caterpillar.  But, I'd appreciate it even more if you would just protect our house from bugs without putting my children at risk. 

Have a nice day.

Family Heirlooms

I'm not sure if it is my southern genes or what, but I am really into family heirlooms and deep-seated traditions.  It feels good to have a sense that you are a part of something bigger than yourself; something that is old and steeped in generations and love. 
You know?
Most of our furniture belonged to family members before us, which I love.  I refinished so many pieces of my grandparents' furniture that I actually included "refinishing furniture" as a hobby on my resume in law school. 

Go ahead and laugh, but that one was always a conversation-starter...

We also have several pieces that were made by my great-grandfather, James Barrett -- my namesake, and now Barrett's too.  He made a standing cedar chest,  grandfather clock, and inlaid wood cabinet that are all three in our living room.

It feels special when we use my grandmothers' crystal or see Kristopher's grandmother's china hanging in Charlotte's nursery.
I almost teared up watching Barrett clamor sit in my late Uncle Bobby's baby rocking chair.  Barrett would have loved Uncle Bobby.

I also love creating new family heirlooms~~
It meant a lot to me that my sister, Jessica, wanted to wear my wedding dress.  Now, it is ours -- which makes it even more special in my eyes.
And we are currently in the process of meeting with an heirloom sewing lady to add lace to Barrett's silk christening gown, so that baby Charlotte can wear it as a more feminine version.
All this to say -- I totally dig old-fashioned stuff. 

And I was thrilled to pieces when my mom showed me a hand-tatted lace cap that my great-aunt Ginny found.  The baby cap is so old, that no one can remember exactly where it came from or who made it, but our best guess is that my great-grandmother Pearl (James Barrett's wife and great-aunt Ginny's mama) made it for her babies.  That makes it around a hundred years old.  If Pearl's mama made it, it is even older.  So neat, right???

So, here is baby Charlotte sporting the lace cap.  It is so interesting to think of all the family babies that wore it before her, don't you think?