Wednesday, May 18, 2011

These days

So much has been going on lately that blogging has taken a back seat.  But, I'm ready to get back on the wagon, so I'll just dive right into an update on my favorite topic -- the kiddos~

Charlotte is a little doll and is already growing too fast.  She loves being spoken to directly in a soothing voice, bathtime, attention from her brother, being called by name, swinging motion of any kind, Baby Einstein lullaby music, and fancy dresses (not that she has much of a choice....I'm obviously the one making that call, but she looks so pretty in them, she must like it, right??). 
She hates taking a bottle, but is getting better.
She smiles all of the time, and the wonderfulness has NOT worn off.
In typical mom fashion, I'm not ready for her to grow up yet.  I'm already sad that she's graduated from "newborn" classification to "baby."  I wouldn't have known there was a difference, but now that I do, it matters for some reason.  I also refer to her age by the youngest measurement possible (so what if she turns 4 months in ten days??  I'm going to refer to her as "3 months" -- not "3 and a half months" or "almost 4 months" -- until the very last day, thankyouverymuch).  Sigh. 

Barrett is also growing like crazy and continues to be at the top of the growth chart for height, usually 95th percentile.  He took his first unassisted steps at a physical therapy appointment on March 18th.  Although I was a little bummed that the therapist could get him to walk after 5 minutes of work, when I my concentrated efforts were unsuccessful for the past 5 months, a good friend told me that I "loosened the ketchup bottle."  You know how you can bang on a ketchup bottle forever and nothing comes out, but then someone else picks it up and the ketchup immediately and perfectly pours out?  That's what it was like with Barrett's walking -- maybe my efforts loosened him up for the therapist ~~ I like that analogy :)

Anyway, he settled into the idea of walking by himself for a few weeks, then gained a lot of confidence around Easter and has not stopped walking since. 
He loves bathtime, being outside, peek-a-boo, most anything with wheels, bubbles, coloring, sitting in chairs, Blue's Clues, playing with his sister, and "dancing" to his Backyardigans CD. 
He hates doing something he doesn't want to do (hello, toddlerhood...) and being left in a nursery, although that is getting better too.  He didn't cry at all at the gym nursery this morning!  He has not had any change in his heart issues, which is a good sign.

All in all, things are good~  And I'll make an effort to return to your regularly scheduled blog programming.

Both kiddos trying to look around me to watch Blue's Clues -- also known in our house as heaven covered in awesomesauce

Getting sleepy...

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  1. I am always glad for all the updates on both kiddos . . . what they are doing, new likes, dislikes . . that way, I can imagine them in their little routines. But the pictures! I LOVE the pictures! Oh my goodness, can you slow down the growing??