Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Strawberry Patch

We took a little trip over to a local strawberry patch with some friends to let the kiddos pick strawberries, have a picnic, and play the summer games set up at the farm.  We had so much fun!

They had a little zoo with a piglet, pony, calf, goats, chickens, and bunnies.  Barrett was very interested in the bunnies -- more so than any of the other animals. 
Maybe because of all the recent talk of bunnies around Easter? 
Or his new favorite book -- Hoppity Hop Bunny
Not sure, but we had to spend a lot of time talking to the bunnies and petting them through the cage...
Next, we decided it was time to start picking strawberries.  Off to the fields!
Of course, you are supposed to pay for your strawberries based on how many you pick...and I'm pretty sure Barrett ate at least a pint in the strawberry fields, before they even made it into his basket.  He would spot a ripe red strawberry (had to teach him that the white ones weren't ready yet...), run over to pluck it off the plant, and immediately pop it into his mouth before I could stop him, sometimes stem-first. 
Brief internal panic!!  These fresh berries aren't washed yet!!

But, then I looked around and realized that every single child had a red-stained mouth.  This is an organic farm, so what's the harm, right?  And I have to admit that I tried them too, and they were delicious!  What makes them taste so much better when you pick them yourself??
We looked a little guilty when we slunk over to the checkout, what with all the strawberry juice dripping from Barrett, and stained around his mouth, collar, and down the front of his clothes...
But the nice strawberry lady oohed and ahhed over Barrett and Charlotte and didn't seem to mind that Barrett had already sampled the strawberries. 
I can't wait until the blueberry patch is open! 
Here's to summer~

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  1. Barrett seems to have free strawberry picking & munching down pat, with NO apparent signs of guilt or worry. None. heehee :)

    I can see why he liked the bunnies best ~ cause they're the cutest of course! I think we need to take him to this farm again or anyplace that has ponies or horses and let him see them up close and maybe even PET THEM!