Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Splish Splash

When we moved into the new house last summer, we weren't sure how we felt about the pool.  We quickly learned that they require a lot of expensive chemicals and back-breaking labor upkeep and we already had a lot on our plate at the time between moving, Barrett, remodeling the house, and being pregnant with Charlotte.
Now that we've settled into the house and a routine with the kiddos, we've also found time to learn to care for the pool. 
And we LOVE it! 
Barrett likes to splash around and it is a great way for him to burn off energy~

aside: I should probably point out WHO is doing the back-breaking labor in the background of this picture. 
Thanks, Kristopher!

Charlotte mostly just took it all in. 
I think the cool water startled her ~ she is used to warm bubble baths.
But she enjoyed participating and looked so sweet in her swim outfit that matches Barrett's swim trunks
When we put the kids down for a nap on the weekends, Kristopher and I will go lay by the pool or swim around for a little bit ~ I have to say, it feels like a mini couples vacation -- floating around in the pool together, listening to music, and actually having adult conversation.  Bliss.

It is just as much fun without the kids as it is with the kids, just in a different way.  I hope that we continue to use it so much, since it requires such a time commitment to keep it going. 
Anyone want to come over for a pool party??

1 comment:

  1. At least one of your water babies looks like he's lovin it!

    Little Miss, on the other hand ~~ doesn't seem to be so sure. . . but I bet she gets the hang of it after big brother dunks her a few times . . . ! :)