Sunday, May 22, 2011

Milestone Moment: First Time in the Bumbo

I love the Bumbo baby seat.  Probably one of my favorite pieces of baby equipment. 
We used the Bumbo all the time with Barrett, especially when he first started eating solids.  We carried it everywhere we went!
So naturally, I was thinking Charlotte would also love it~ Although she is still getting used to "sitting up," I think she likes it because she can look around more easily.
Waving hello!
Notice ever-present Sassy lurking around in the background to make sure everything is okay
Courtesy of her aunts, Charlotte's purple seat also has a handy tray that attaches to it so she can have toys at-hand while she sits in the Bumbo.  Fancy, huh?  We haven't used the seat with the tray too just yet, baby steps.
She's getting used to the Bumbo in small doses, but is still a little wobbly.  Her favorite is the swing, hands down. 
Swinging during Barrett's breakfast
She likes it set on HIGH so it swings really big.  Kristopher says this is a bad sign that we have a daredeveil on our hands.  I'm not too worried; I think she'll be a little lady.  I'm already wondering how soon is too soon to get her first pearls.  They make baby pearls, right?


  1. Ooooooh yes, we can get baby pearls, NOT a problem. And, if she is a little daredevil . . . well . . . not a problem either

  2. Wait...she doesn't already have pearls? Rebecca, you're slacking. ;)

  3. Yes they have baby pearls! In fact, you can get her an every day set (aka not real) from Royal Standard!