Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Like Trying to Catch Lightning in a Bottle

I tried to take a picture of the babies in their matching swim suits, with limited success...  It is not easy to make all the stars align so you can get a perfectly posed shot of a busy toddler and a young baby!

Barrett:  Hmpf.  I have to stop swimming to take a dorky picture??  MOM!?!
Charlotte: Oh look!!  There's my hands!  Wow...

Barrett:  Wait a minute....if mom makes me sit here...and she's way over there behind the camera... this means I have close access to baby Charlotte!!  The holy grail of things I'm not supposed to mess with!  Who-hoo!!!
Charlotte: Uh oh...I've seen that look before.  Is he about to ring my belly button?

Barrett: Here baby Charlotte, let me help you take off your hat...

Barrett: Sweet baby [emphatic pats on tummy]

Barrett: Want me to fix your hair??

Barrett: Ok, if we go ahead and sit still, mom will take the picture and I can go play again

Barrett: Alright, that was it!  Back to the pool!
Charlotte: Whew!  Can I have lunch now???
Lesson learned: Next time, I'll put more effort into making sure they are simultaneously recently fed, well rested, and freshly dressed in cute outfits.  Although I still think they look cute as little buttons, even though Barrett is protesting the interrupted swim time and Charlotte is anxiously awaiting a feeding.  And, obviously, I'm completely unbiased...


  1. It's as if you're reading their minds, Rebecca! So funny.

    They're cute as little buttons for sure . . . completely unbiased . .

  2. I LOVE it!! Both their faces are so expressive... (where did they get that??)

    Love y'all...